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20 November - 22 November, 2014
Finnish Dental Exhibition, Helsinki

20 November - 22 November, 2014
DENTA 2014, Bucarest

26 November - 29 November, 2014
ADF, Paris

28 November - 29 November, 2014
3. Schweizer Implantat Kongress, Bern

28 November - 29 November, 2014
Implant Expo, Düsseldorf


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DentaPort with OTR function

With the modular system Denta Port ZX Set OTR you work even more safety - and, at the same time, efficient, reliability and quality - for endodontic treatments of the highest class.

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TwinPower Turbines

Precision and efficiency – only where these two things are ensured does a truly cost-effective cavity preparation become possible. Thanks to their patented Morita double-impeller rotor design, the handpieces of the TwinPower turbine series achieve the very highest performance across a broad range of different rotation speeds. Despite being air-driven, the performance data achieved by this turbine series come close to matching those typical of a high-speed electric motor handpiece and are such as certainly to meet the demands of any dental surgery in terms of permanent performance capacity.




Spaceline is celebrating its birthday - Join us in celebrating this very special anniversary! 

In October 1963 the Spaceline treatment unit was presented for the very first time to the American Dentists Association and has, since then, successfully proven itself on the dental-equipment market. Today, many years later, the Spaceline line of products has kept pace with technological change and has undergone constant technical improvement.