EndoWave Hybrid Concept

  • EndoWave Hybrid Concept

Root canal preparation with only three files

In collaboration with international endodontic experts Morita has developed a treatment concept in which only three nickel-titanium files are required for root canal preparation. The EndoWave Hybrid Concept provides an innovative solution for newcomers and experts which enables them to prepare quickly, effectively and reliably.

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The EndoWave hybrid concept combines the advantages of the proven “crown down” and “single length” preparation techniques. The user requires only three files with the new technique. Complex treatment sequences and unnecessary instrument changes are no longer required. In addition, less dentine has to be removed to prepare the root canal. Furthermore, the risk of stripping or displacement of the apex is minimal. The newly developed concept is suitable for both new and experienced endodontic users.

Both from an economic point of view and taking strict hygiene requirements into consideration the operator can use the files as single-use products without any problem, as less material is required in comparison to other techniques. Due to the innovative NiTi alloy and its inherent material properties, the instruments can be sterilised and are therefore suitable for multiple use.


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