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“The IDS is like a long-delayed family meeting for us, we are therefore not only launching our new products and innovations but also our global #moritafamily campaign in Cologne. The main driver of this campaign is primarily our aspiration as a Japanese family company to operate support partner for everyone. The #moritafamily is a global community of people with very different areas of expertise and connections to Morita. The pursuit of the highest possible quality dentistry for the wellbeing of patients throughout the world connects the #moritafamily. Faces can be put to the #moritafamily at its meeting point on the Morita exhibition stand during the IDS.” Markus Pein, Director Marketing.

“The symposia and conferences of the last few months have given us reason to be very optimistic about IDS 2023. As exhibitors, we firmly believe that we will be able to match and even surpass the pre-pandemic success of IDS 2019. Therefore, we will be in Cologne in full presence and size with our new products and innovations. Our motto #moritafamily is directed at our global community and is also a symbol of our international growth. The result of our work are outstanding products and solutions, which we want to share as an international family with all interested parties at IDS.” Markus Otto, Director Sales & Technical Service.

In addition, we will present some innovations at the IDS:
This includes two new treatment units (Signo T100, Signo Z300), the new red TorqTech UM contra-angle handpiece with an even smaller head and the cordless root canal preparation system Tri Auto ZX2+ with new features.

Enjoy dental lectures by selected specialists as well as numerous “hands-on” test stations
accompanied by experts.

We have compiled all the relevant information for you in our IDS magazine YOUN!Q...

and we say “Welcome“ to the #moritafamily – Hall 10.2 | P040-R049 – we are looking forward
to YOU.

The presence of the Japanese family company Morita at the IDS 2023 will take place under the motto “#moritafamily”. The Morita family defines a worldwide community, consisting of people with different facets and connections to Morita, and everyone has his or her own story to tell about Morita - whether they are employees, users, dealers, partners or as a supporter of Morita.

One of our Morita values is also to live trusting relationships. We appreciate the value of each individual and therefore want to give the “family members” and their Morita motifs a face and make the community visible. For this purpose, we have created a platform that gives every “member” the opportunity to share a statement or quote about their Morita relationship or Morita experience.

We are all #moritafamily, whether as an employee, user, dealer or supporter – tell us your Morita story. We look forward to your impressions.

Here are a few "stories" from the #moritafamily:

Fabian Vor
Apprentice as IT specialist for system integration

Fabian has started an apprenticeship as an IT specialist for system integration at the European Morita subsidiary in Dietzenbach since September 2021. After completing his studies in ethnology and his apprenticeship as a bookseller in Constance, he decided to take a completely new path and began his apprenticeship at J. MORITA EUROPE GMBH.

You can read his whole story here.

Andrés Gómez Yanguas
Managing Director
Incotrading S.A., Madrid in Spain

The worldwide #moritafamily also includes our distributors. One of them is Incotrading S.A., based in Madrid, Spain. The specialized trade company was founded in 1987 and has been the exclusive Morita partner in Spain, Portugal and some countries in Latin America since 2006. Incotrading distributes X-ray systems, endodontic systems and handpieces from the Morita product portfolio.

You can read the whole interview here.

Dr. Jörg Schröder
Endodontic private practice, Berlin

Dr Jörg Schröder has been a dentist in private practice in Berlin for 30 years. He has specialised in endodontics because he extremely enjoys small-scale work. Since 2012, he has now been running a private practice specialising in endodontics with his practice partner Mario Müller, M.Sc. Morita has become a very reliable partner for him over many years. His practice has also been awarded as a Morita Reference Office.

Why Dr Schröder is very proud of it and why he will continue to rely on Morita
in the future – you can find out here.

We are also looking forward to YOUR impressions.
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MORITA Solution.
Live demonstration on the booth.

Let selected specialists inspire you through the Endodontics solutions from Morita.

Lectures on the Endo Workflow by MORITA

Dr. Jörg Schröder
Lecture times, daily:

  • 10:00 – 10:15 (not on Tuesday)
  • 13:00 – 13:15
  • 16:00 – 16:15 (not on Saturday)


Dr. Benjamin Bahlmann
Lecture times, Friday/Saturday:

  • 11:30 – 11:45
  • 14:30 – 14:45
  • 17:15 – 17:30 (Saturday: 16:00 – 16:15)



Signo T100
MORITA DNA white – designed by Studio F.A. Porsche

The new Signo T100 treatment unit impresses by combining the design philosophy of the F.A. Porsche Design Studio with the high quality standards of MORITA. This results in timeless aesthetics, high manufacturing quality, ease of use and comfort for both dentist and patient. Compared to the premium unit Signo T500, the Signo T100 belongs to the mid-range segment and is very attractively priced.

Numerous easy-to-use features and functions enable dentist a relaxed and pleasant working day. The large cuspidor basin and the optional wide luxury upholstery offer additional patient comfort. With its pure white paneling and a wide range of available upholstery colors the Signo T100 integrates perfectly into any room concept.

Signo Z300
Ergonomic treatment for more efficiency

In conventional dental treatments, the dentist and assistant often bend and twist towards the patient. This leads to poor and unhealthy posture. The Signo Z300 follows the so-called Zero concept, in which the design of the unit and the limited number of functions is based on the natural workflow of the practitioner. Thanks to the horizontal lying surface, the Signo Z300 enables users to treat in a natural posture and without physical strain.

With the Zero concept, dentists work according to the 4-hand method and with a mirror, because the direct and reflected view into the oral cavity of a lying patient is much better than with a sitting patient. In addition, the instruments can be easily reached by the dentist – the dentist does not have to change his healthy sitting position.

Tri Auto ZX2+
Next Level reciprocation

The new Tri Auto ZX2+ redefines endodontic preparation once again and takes the field of reciprocal systems to the next level. With the new OGP2 mode and the enhanced OTR mode, you can fully exploit the potential of your favorite files, both reciprocal and rotary. Proven Morita technology helps reduce file breakage and jamming – ensuring safer use.

In addition, the OGP2 function simplifies your treatment by combining patency, glide path and shaping all in one mode for a smooth and optimized workflow. Including Morita’s worldleading apex locator built right in, the Tri Auto ZX2+ is sure to make any dentist a fan of endo treatment.

The new TORQTECH UM contra-angle handpiece –
Smaller head, big effect

The proven red contra-angle handpiece now has an even smaller head. The new CA-5IF-O-UltraMini contra-angle is ideal for the treatment of patients with limited jaw mobility or children with small oral cavities. The smaller head also relieves your wrist and promises greater freedom of movement.

The new contra-angle handpiece also features the same high quality of workmanship, which ensures a long service life and the usual high performance. The optimized 1-nozzle spray system has a long range and ensures thorough cooling of the drill and thus safe working. You can use any standard friction drill up to 21 mm. Now enjoy proven quality and durability in an even more compact profile.

More information here.



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