Tri Auto ZX2

Endo made simple

Brilliantly simple and absolutely safe endodontic treatments

Completing endodontic treatments successfully is a challenge for dentists because every patient is different: different root structures and personal medical histories require individual and sometimes highly complex treatments. This is only one reason why your equipment has to be versatile enough to meet many different requirements.

Unique. Compact. Innovative.
Fast and efficient.

As successor of the cordless endodontic motor with integrated apex locator, TriAuto ZX, it still continues to be the only endodontic system on the market which combines both functions in one handpiece.

Tri Auto ZX2 restores apical patency efficiently and safely. What used to require a lot of dexterity and sensitivity with the manual file, can now be carried out mechanically.  Rotating files with a size #10, assist in this respect the mechanical preparation of the glide path and in this way guarantee the apical patency for successful root canal treatment.

The safety functions Optimum Torque Reverse (OTR) und Optimum Glide Path (OGP) are new features. OPG simplifies glide path creation for the practitioner whilst the OTR function protects against file breakage and microcracks by reversing the rotational direction when the torque level is exceeded.