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See the invisible: Veraview X800

This all-in-one 2D/3D X-ray system, winner of the iF Gold Design Award, features first-class design as well as outstanding image quality for panoramic, cephalometric and CBCT evaluation. It also provides more efficiency for dentists by using the flexible control panel and its easy understandable pictograms and more stability for patients by using the chin rest without losing eye-contact. This ensures better communication.

The revolutionary attention to detail is reflected by an extremely high resolution of more than 2.5 LP/mm at MTF 10% and a voxel size of 80 µm. By using the combination of the short exposure time and dose reduction function, the system provides very low radiation dose. The Adaptive Focal Point function (AFP) enhances the focus and clarity for the entire scan obtained by the image layer exposure. Everything in the image from the root apex to the incisor region is in focus. The Adaptive Gay Scale function (AGS) adjusts automatically density by making the whole panoramic image clearly observable including the dental arch, jaw bone, TMJ etc.

The Veraview X800 is available in several versions. Depending on the model, it’s equipped with up to 11 fields of view.
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TriAuto ZX2 – Ingeniously simply and absolutely safe

Endodontics is one of the complicated disciplines in the field of dental medicine. It demands utmost precision and skill, especially when faced with particularly narrow or curved root canals. The challenge is not only the shaping of the root canal but also obtaining apical patency, creating the glide path. File fracture or injuries on the apex may occur if a dentist has to “feel his way forward” in the root canal manually or with a conventional endo motor, apart from long treatment times as well as economic inefficiency.

At IDS 2017, Morita has introduced the TriAuto ZX2, this cordless endomotor with integrated apex locator combining both Optimum Torque Reverse (OTR) and Optimal Glide Path (OGP) in one single handpiece. With the OGP functionality, the glide path can be prepared mechanically for the first time. In that way, you get the instrument into the required working length without fracture, ledge formation or blocking. The OTR function enables the file to reverse its rotational direction upon reaching a certain torque. After rotating in the reverse by 90 degrees or by 120 degrees optionally, the file returns to the cutting direction.

By combining these two functions in one single handpiece, TriAuto ZX2 is protecting the natural tooth.
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Soaric –  intelligently implanted, multiple award winning

With the Soaric, you experience a treatment unit with an exceptional design supporting you at all types of treatments from diagnosis through to follow-up examination. Thanks to variety of integrated possibilities, the unit can be equipped with monitors, microscopes and endo- or even with an implantology motor.

The new Soaric implant motor system optimizes the implantology treatment procedures by integrating seven leading dental implant manufactures and by guiding the user via the Soaric display step by step through the entire work process. By having the integrated apex locator into the operator’s element, the Soaric is particularly suitable for root canal treatments. You can track the exact position of the file tip in the canal on the display or on the monitor during the root canal treatment, which offers safe. It is for this reason, the Soaric is the first choice for both dentists providing high-quality treatment and endodontics specialist.
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 Minimally invasive, maximally effective – AdvErL Evo Er:YAG laser

The characteristics of the laser light has a bactericide, detoxic and hemostatic effect we can use for laser dentistry. The AdvErL EVO laser is applicable for many of indications – from soft tissue to endodontics to treatment of hard tissue with the main focus on periodontitis and the peri-implantitis treatment.

With the help of our AdvErL Evo, tissue regenerates in the long term and bacteria are removed permanently by means of micro-explosions that are generated by laser energy. This treatment has an extremely low heat development and does not affect the osseointegration and removes the contaminated oxidized titanium layer.

As peri-implantitis is a disease that currently represents a major clinical challenge, research has shown that there is no definitive, evidence-based treatment which leads to a lasting and predictable outcome. In the case of endodontic therapies, AdvErL EVO opens the possibility of effective removal of the smear layer. Thus, lateral dentin tubules and bulges can also be achieved, resulting in a much more successful endodontic treatment than without laser application

All advantages at a glance:

  • Nearly painless treatment
  • No heating built up and precise treatment with minimum performance
  • Innovative laser tips
  • User-friendly
  • Scaler-shaped handpiece for direct view of the preparation area

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