New software allows data management of digital X-ray images via web browser

· i-Dixel Web will be available as part of an internal “cloud” solution in Autumn 2013

Dietzenbach, 12 March 2013 - Working with digital CBCT and X-ray images is very storage-intensive and creates large quantities of data: Until now, terminal devices with high processing power and storage capacity have been required for viewing and processing this data. The long-established Japanese company, Morita, has now developed a user-oriented software solution for the data management of such images with i-Dixel Web, which can be used as a ‘mobile’ version of the tried and tested i-Dixel Software with ordinary web browsers as part of a private, internal “cloud” design to make it easier to access data throughout the practice.

In contrast to earlier versions of i-Dixel, i-Dixel Web no longer needs to be installed at all work stations and can be left at a central server in the practice. Access is provided via an “ordinary” web browser and enables data to be seen and processed very extensively, independently of the platform. The web browser-based version is also programmed in the future-oriented HTML5-Standard and therefore runs almost independently of the operating systems used in the practice. As part of an internal “cloud” solution and the associated central storage on a practice server, the user can now call up and process X-ray images and CBCTs with i-Dixel Web via all terminal devices with network access. Data transfer is performed via a network solution with or without cable via WLAN, with information security ensured through an SSL security protocol. i-Dixel Web is equipped with numerous useful functions: A search function allows the user to search the server according to both patient data and subject. 2D and slice viewers also allow viewing, processing and storage of 3D and intraoral images from all terminal devices in the network. The central server acts like an internal “cloud” solution for the dental practice and allows the clear organization and administration of all files without upgrading the practice computer. With an emphasis on quality, Morita has developed in i-Dixel Web a forward-looking and practice-oriented solution, which makes data management within the practice easier for both dentist and team.

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