EndoWave Hybrid Concept

EndoWave Hybrid Concept Root canal preparation with only three files


The EndoWave Hybrid Concept Kit always consists of 3 files and is suitable for normal root canals and for severely curved and narrow root canals. Using the EndoWave mechanical glide path files, it is easy to mechanically either prepare or widen the coronal part of the root canal.

EndoWave Hybrid Concept

EndoWave MGP „Mechanical Glide Path“ Kit



  • EndoBox ZXOrder no. 6890

    The stainless steel Endobox ZX with a Teflon insert provides sufficient space for sterile storage of eight EndoWave NiTi files. A sterimeter is included in the steribox for checking the sterility and there is a gauge for setting the working length.

  • EndoWave-GelOrder no. 7470

    EndoWave Gel is an EDTAGel designed to ease the gliding of NiTi files in the root canal. The instruments glide along surfaces especially well and can be smoothly moved in- side the canal. The moderate foaming of the gel during use makes canal cleaning even easier.

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