• Radiation exposure

    The concept of “safety” counts two-fold in X-ray diagnostics: the safety of the diagnosis and radiation safety.
    All legal regulations of the EU have the same objective (ALARA principle): low dose radiation exposure and high-resolution images. Read more

  • About CBCT

    Morita’s dental CBCT is an examination unit enabling the three-dimensional observation and diagnosis of hard tissue in the dental field. It is developed with the concepts of high definition, low dose, small radiation field (FOV selectable), and space-saving… Read more

  • How to find the optimal work position

    Virtually every dentist experiences back pain during their training or career. According to a 2001 Institute of German Dentists (IDZ) study, 90 percent of dentists have experienced neck, shoulder or spinal pain. These symptoms, which are provoked by… Read more

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