Daily Inspection and Maintenance TwinPower Turbine

Improper maintenance will lead to a premature failure in the turbine.
After the end of treatment in the morning and the afternoon, and before autoclave sterilization, be sure to perform maintenance following the procedure below.

1. Washing → 2. Disinfection → 3. Lubrication → 4. Sterilization → 5. Storage


1. Washing

  • Remove a bur or a point, then wash any cutting powder and blood out of the head with a soft brush and running water.
  • Do not immerse the handpiece in chemical solutions or functional water.

: Be sure to wash chemical solutions or functional water, if any, out of the handpiece, bur, and point with running water.


2. Disinfection

  • Cleanse the whole handpiece with a soft brush or gauze dampened with ethanol for disinfection.

Handpieces with this symbol mark can be washed and disinfected with a high-temperature washer disinfector.


: When using the high-temperature washer disinfector, observe our specified conditions attached to the product.


3. Lubrication

Maintenance with AR spray

  • Lubricate the chuck and the handpiece with AR spray for 2 seconds.
  • Idle them for 15 seconds or more to remove any excess oil out of the head.

:  Use a spray nozzle that fits the turbine joint.
: During lubrication, cover them with gauze etc. to prevent mist from dispersing into your eyes.
: Do not push the push cap during idling.

 Maintenance with Lubrina

  • Using the AR spray, perform maintenance in Lubrina.

 : For how to use Lubrina, refer to the instruction manual.


4. Sterilization

  • Wipe any oil off the surface with gauze etc.
  • Put the instruments in a sterilization pack and autoclave it.

 : Sterilization and drying temperatures must not exceed 135°C.


5. Storage

  • Take the pack out of the autoclave and store it.


  • Wear gloves during maintenance.
  • Be sure to use the AR spray.
  • For details, refer to the instruction manual.
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