Soaric Hygiene Hygiene

Consistent practice hygiene: The best guarantee for safety for your patients and your team.

With its materials and surface properties, Soaric provides the appropriate basis for efficient and safe hygiene in order to meet the increasing demands of the European hygiene regulations. All areas of relevance for hygiene are easily accessible so that the hygiene process can be completed quickly after the treatment of each patient.
The integrated suck back stop and the use of the multi-functional foot control for frequently used functions avoid crosscontamination. In addition, integrated hygiene programs protect the inner workings of the unit, save a great deal of time and are easy to use.

Practical Hygiene in detail

The ceramic cuspidor and the tumbler tray can be removed very easily for day-to-day cleaning.

For cleaning in the autoclave, the handles of the OP light and the operator’s element can be removed quickly without requiring any tools.

The hose rewinder and the instrument holders on the assistant’s element can easily be removed individually for daily disinfection and autoclaving. The instrument tubulars on the dentist’s element can also be removed easily for daily disinfection and sterilization.

The suction hoses can be disinfected automatically using the water unit. To do so, fill the provided containers with disinfectant and connect the instrument hoses to their respective sockets.
To flush water hoses, simply attach the instrument hoses to their respective connection points.

Comfortable accessibility: The cut filter and the amalgam trap are easily accessible and can be easily emptied.

Permanent water sterilization: The water is sterilized automatically in all pipelines and hoses.

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