We aspire to act responsibly and with an eye to the future

We aspire to act responsibly and with an eye to the future

J. MORITA EUROPE is a sales, service, marketing, and logistics with a close connection to the Japanese parent company and its own measures and goals for the economical use of our valuable resources. At Morita in Europe, we look at sustainability from three different perspectives. One perspective focuses on people, for whom we aim to create a healthy, motivating environment that is conducive to development. We look at a sound economy to secure the basis of our existence. We consider ourselves and our actions, with which we are responsible for future generations.

We love and live our respectful traditional Japanese values and consider ourselves ambassadors of Morita. We live a culture with mindfulness for nature and all humans, based on trusting relationships and mutual respect. We see ourselves as companions to all people. We are aware of our social responsibility, act in the interest of future generations, and serve health and well-being.

We must think and act economically to continue to exist, but profitability does not determine the purpose of our actions. It merely forms the basis for being able to work well. This is how we live and shape our relationships with our partners, our customers, and our employees.

J. MORITA EUROPE as companions to all people

We are #moritafamily
We appreciate the value of each individual in the community and see the people who are connected to us as members of the great worldwide #moritafamily. Our family is a global community consisting of people with different facets and connections to Morita: employees, users, distributors, partners, or fans of Morita. Our #moritafamily is an international community that fosters worldwide intercultural and collegial exchange.

We have an excellent place to be and work
Our employees create the basis for our economic success. We, therefore, consider it our obligation to offer them an excellent workplace. A healthy, safe working environment, flexible working hours, and the possibility to work from home are part of this. As part of our initiatives for an excellent workplace, the Morita team in Europe has also created various platforms of encounter. The employees join at #moritafamily and barbecue events to regularly meet and exchange with colleagues from all departments in person.


We care for the health of our workforce
As a developer and manufacturer of medical products and services, healthcare is at the heart of everything we do. With our pioneering dental innovations, we have been contributing to oral health worldwide for over 100 years. At the same time, the well-being of our workforce is also an important concern for us. To document where we stand and how we can improve, the Morita team in Europe was asked about their needs and requirements for healthy or even healthier working. The resulting suggestions for improvement are currently being approved by the Board of Management and will then be implemented step by step. Particularly in complex times, it is important to pay special attention to this. Health must not become a luxury good in good times. Health is the basis for everything we do.

We believe diversity is a richness

At Morita in Europe, we value and support diversity in our teams. Young and old, women and men from many cultures and nations work together successfully at Morita. For us, diversity means richness, and we treat every person with the same respect. In doing so, we draw on our Japanese roots and values as ambassadors of Morita, living and valuing trusting relationships and being companions for all people. We are aware of our social responsibility, act in the interest of future generations, and serve health and well-being.

Development opportunities for all employees and trainees.
One of the 7 corporate core values at Morita is continuous learning. Guided by this, we offer our employees regular internal training and train our junior staff. The trainees and also the interns are an integral part of our Morita team in Europe and receive comprehensive theoretical and practical apprenticeships from day one with the corresponding early transfer of personal responsibility in defined projects. As a global company, MORITA also proactively promotes the international exchange of colleagues through special programs between the Japanese parent company and all other locations around the world.

Fabian Vor has been in training as an IT specialist for system integration at J. MORITA EUROPE GMBH in Dietzenbach since mid-2021:

"The intensive work with this system has given me a very deep insight into all relevant processes of the company. This means that I have a good idea of each department and know what the colleagues there do, why and how they do it, and what they need to do well. That was a huge advantage in my training and for my entry into this company. (...) Many companies take pride in their company values but do not act accordingly. At MORITA, the values are not only marked on the website, but people also live accordingly."
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During his career with MORITA, the 61-year-old Japanese director Masanori Mori has spent his working life in many different locations around the world - including 22 years in Germany. He recalls:
"I was just 20 years old in 1981 and started working as an electrical engineer at Morita in my hometown of Kyoto. In the 4 decades that have passed since then, I have undertaken many different jobs from technician to Sales Manager, and worked for Morita in a wide variety of places. I was 4 years in Singapore, with three engineers I prepared the foundation of a new subsidiary in Canada and I was based in Germany on three separate occasions for several years (…). Basically, I like building something new. (…) At Morita I can put this curiosity into practice wonderfully anywhere in the world."
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We enable users to operate our equipment safely and efficiently.
Our own MORITA academy in Europe is our knowledge and training forum for future-oriented practical management and development. It offers our customers and trading partners qualified further training in various learning formats from live lectures and hands-on workshops to high-profile webinars. We aim to enable every user – from assistant to practice owner – to understand and operate our equipment safely and efficiently and to offer patients successful treatments to the latest standards.

J. MORITA EUROPE's contribution to the global environment

We provide quality and prevent waste
Our devices are not only innovative but also sustainable, i.e., they are of excellent quality, low susceptibility, durable, and easy to service and repair.

We save energy
At MORITA in Europe, we are currently turning all the screws that help us minimize our resource consumption, avoid waste and make our contribution to climate protection. To save natural gas, we are in the process of installing a heat pump at our Dietzenbach site. The smart and remote control of our room temperatures and heating systems is also very effective. We were able to reduce our gas consumption by 25% last year. Electricity consumption has also been sustainably reduced through the use of smart energy controllers and LED lighting.

We stay mobile and clean
Thanks to our generous home office flexibility policy, we have already been able to significantly reduce traffic to and from the workplace. At the same time despite the hesitant attitude of the automotive industry towards alternative drives and the still weak infrastructure for e-mobility in Europe we are currently gradually converting our vehicle fleet to electromobility. Our European headquarters provides the necessary charging infrastructure so that e- and hybrid vehicles can be charged during work. Furthermore, we are expanding our bicycle parking spaces to include charging stations for e-bikes and motivating our teams to drive fewer kilometers by car through models such as "JobRad". It works!

We avoid waste
We avoid using plastic as packaging material or plastic bottles as much as possible. Through the consistent digitalization of internal processes, paper consumption has also been significantly reduced. Print brochures for interested parties are offered digitally. When disposing of waste, we consistently separate all types of waste to recycle as many materials as possible.

The German DUAL System for recycling has certified our efforts to reduce waste