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The MORITA academy is a well-established knowledge and training platform for future-oriented practice management and practice development concepts. The aim of the MORITA academy is to support dentists strategically in their daily work and to effectively promote the success and future viability of their practice.

Our innovative academy programme is focussed on the fields of “Medical Solutions & Innovations” as well as on “Leadership & Management”. We particularly aim to provide added value and relevance to all our academy topics.

The versatile content spans the latest diagnosis and treatment methods, professional practice and leadership thoughts, as well as successful self-management approaches.

The long-term partnership and cooperation with well-known and highly recognized speakers enable the MORITA academy to offer local as well as European-wide courses.

Get inspired today: the MORITA academy events and webinars contribute effectively to the success of the future Dental World.

New Event with new Speaker:

Mastering Digital Workflow in your own practice: A Comprehensive Webinar Series

Unlock the potential of digital technologies in your own dental practice with our three-part webinar series. Join us as we delve into the intricacies of digital intraoral scanning, cone beam CT, surgical guide design, 3D printing, and immediate implant loading. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or a novice looking to expand your skill set, this series offers invaluable insights and practical knowledge to revolutionize your practice.

Mastering Digital Workflow in your own practice: A Comprehensive Webinar Series, Part 2

Surgical guides
  • Understand the principles of designing accurate and reliable surgical guides in partial & completely edentulous cases
  • Explore different software platforms and techniques for surgical guide design

Date: 10th July 2024 Time: 07.00 PM – approx. 08.00PM

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Mastering Digital Workflow in your own practice: A Comprehensive Webinar Series, Part 3

Manufacturing with 3D Printing and Immediate Implant Loading
  • Discover the capabilities and limitations of 3D printing technology in dental manufacturing
  • Learn step-by-step workflows for producing surgical guides and prosthetic components via 3D printing
  • Understand the principles and protocols of immediate implant loading for optimal patient outcomes

Date: 16th October 2024 Time: 07.00 PM CET – approx. 08.00PM

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