Morita products impress not only with their elegant design, but also with their ease of use and economical operation.
From conception to the project outline, from the first draft to the final touch, at all stages of product development, we attach great importance to combining the best functionality with outstanding design.
The idea of perfection which underpins dental treatment must also be reflected in dental equipment down to the last detail. Yet if the patient’s very first impression reassures them that nothing has been left to chance, the user will trust the quality and precision of the equipment.
This is also reflected in the various awards won by our products, with years of development experience and positive user feedback playing a major role.
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Signo T500 is awarded the coveted Red Dot Award 2019

Signo T500 red dot award best of the best

The treatment unit Signo T500 is the consequent combination of design and reliability.

"The Signo T500 is an outstanding solution, since it unites all elements and requirements in a harmonious manner. This elegant dental treatment chair unit is ergonomically sophisticated and comfortable, guaranteeing intuitive operation.(…) Its modularity and flexibility have been tailored to perfectly match the requirements in dental practices."

Statement of the jury

2018: Tri Auto ZX2 achieves German Design Award Special Mention

Our Tri Auto ZX2 Endodontic System has won the German Design Award. The jury justified its decision as follows: “The modern wireless design combines two units in one and allows medical personnel greater freedom of movement, which makes this equipment easier to use overall.” The German Design Award is the prestigious international prize offered by the German Design Council. The Council was established as a foundation as part of an initiative by Germany’s Federal Parliament, and the Design Award is one of the world’s best-known design competitions, enjoying a great reputation far beyond the design community.

iF GOLD AWARD 2017, Discipline Product

The newly developed, top-drawer X-ray system Veraview X800 for 2D/3D images impressed the jury directly after its market launch.

„The Morita Veraview X800 has clean and consistent styling throughout, with each detail and design solution in line with the same aesthetic philosophy. The Morita engineering ethos and accuracy of the product line are well reflected in its overall appearance. A user-centered design approach has led to this ergonomic and easy-to-use machine that stands out in its market segment. For the X-ray patient, the product exudes a gentle aura and leads to a more pleasant user experience. “

Gold Statement of the jury

iF DESIGN AWARD 2012, Discipline Product

The patented ergonomics concept and extremely user-friendly treatment unit Soaric left a mark on the panel of the iF design awards.

„An extraordinarily consistently designed workstation“.

Medical - selected by Fred Held

„Being able to feel well in a dental treatment unit is truly an accomplishment. This product has done it. With clean, reduced lines, an absolutely coherent overall composition and a professional appearance, Soaric was immediately convincing as the top choice.“

Jury Statement

iF DESIGN AWARD 2012, Discipline Communication

In addition to the award in the Product category, an award was specifically given for the display. Users of the Soaric treatment unit control all functions for dental workflows via the non-glare LC touch display. But also the settings for the foot control and the automated daily hygiene procedures are conveniently controlled via the intuitive display. Along with X-ray images, all information and settings are easy to read for users and patients.

iF DESIGN AWARD 2012, Discipline Communication

Our marketing material also received an iF DESIGN AWARD. The consistent design of the brochure for the Soaric treatment center instantly conveys the high-quality product features.

„The product brochures, posters and advertisements for the new Soaric dental treatment center are aimed at a professional audience. The consistent communication concept – from the composition of photographs, through the layout and other detailed graphical elements, to the content – translates the design vocabulary of the Soaric into print, and expresses Morita’s corporate design as a unified whole. Consistent implementation of the Morita design principles means the information provided about Soaric is immediately recognizable and communicates easily to an international audience.“

Website des iF design award



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