Digital cone beam computed tomography in ENT

Diagnostic quality always has been a primary concern in connection with therapy and treatment planning. Many practices still send their patients to a radiologist for a CT when they require 3D images, even though cone-beam computed tomography is a great way to provide this service in an ENT practice. In addition to the advantages of continuous workflow and retention of the fees in your practice, you will spare your patients unnecessary radiation doses as compared to the CTs extensively being used in the market.

  • Customer Statements

    I’ve been following, comparing and assessing the technical progress of the services of four competing manufacturers for some years. As the total advantages offered by the 3D Accuitomo from Morita were so obvious, I decided to purchase it. The integration of the 3D Accuitomo into the ENT outpatients department and the diagnostic environment has been sensational. Detailed images are obtained at once. Patients with suspected defects in the frontal sinus can be diagnosed immediately.

    • Prof. Dr. Christian Milewski Clinic Director, ENT Clinic, Frankfurt-Höchst
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