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Since the foundation of Morita, we have continuously been fine-tuning our feeling for procedures in practices and clinics. In first place in this respect are users’ requirements and the quality of treatment for patients. This close dialogue with our specialist trade partners has led to long-term customer relationships characterized by mutual trust.

  • Tri Auto ZX2: Reversing the rotation prevents the files from blocking and pulling downward in the root canal, even when I intentionally exerted too much pressure so as to simulate a new, inexperienced dentist. The danger of file fracture is significantly lower.

    Dr. Kitamura Endodontist, Japan
  • I tried different files on extracted teeth and found that you can probably prepare a root canal with only one file using this new instrument (TriAuto ZX2).

    Dr. Okumura Endodontist, Japan
  • I use your instrument (Tri Auto ZX2) every day, and I’m very impressed. It is a revolutionary development!!! I would like to systemize the use of the instrument as soon as possible and hold a seminar on the subject.

    Dr. Tsukiboshi Endodontist, Japan
  • The Tri Auto ZX2 is an extraordinary device, simple to use with its wireless handpiece and very reliable thanks to the OTR motion. The integrated apex locator avoids the use of a connection cable. It is the ideal help for those who perform endodontic treatments in several operative units or in several praxis, far from each other.

    Prof. Emanuele Ambu Endodontist, Italy
  • I have been using Morita equipment for over 20 years and was very excited when Morita introduced the Tri Auto ZX2 cordless endodontic handpiece. The Tri Auto ZX2 is ergonomic, simple to use and robust. I highly recommend the Tri Auto ZX2 hand piece to anyone who is passionate about Endodontics, whether they are a specialist or generalist.

    Shanon Patel Consultant Endodontist, London, United Kingdom
  • The Tri Auto ZX2 makes control of the preparation process easier. OGP and OTR: Two decisive, new and innovative functions form a symbiotic relationship of safety and efficiency to alleviate mechanical preparation.

    Dr. Sebastian Riedel Endodontist, Berlin
  • This instrument (Tri Auto ZX2) is more reliable and safer than the products offered by other manufacturers, because it can measure the root canal length and the direction of rotation can be changed. Once you have worked with this instrument, you won’t want to use any other. The new instrument is more elegant and it is pleasant to work with because the external file electrode no longer protrudes from the head.

    Dr. Yoshi Terauchi Endodontist, Tokyo
  • The treatment unit is setting new standards in modern teamwork.

    Dr. Jörg Schröder Endodontist, Berlin
  • Integrated safety functions and innovative rotating instruments are just some of the Morita technologies that assist endodontists with the challenges they face every day – for fast, safe and easy preparation of all types of root canal. Even a complex root canal system can be prepared safely in just a few minutes. Shorter treatment times, best clinical results: That is what really counts for endodontists and their patients. And that is precisely where the systems and instruments from Morita guarantee support – day in, day out.

    Prof. Emanuele Ambu Endodontist, Bologna
  • Wherever possible and as long as the patient agrees to the resulting costs, I prefer using CBCT for questions regarding the osseous structures of the skull: The resolution is higher and radiation exposure lower than in the case of computer tomography. With CBCT, you always have a 3D dataset that can be viewed by the referring physician as well using the viewer that is provided free of charge.

    Dr. Dirk Brechtelsbauer Radiologist, Darmstadt
  • The 3D representation of the paranasal sinuses, middle ear, petrous temporal bones and the upper respiratory tract lets us answer diagnostic questions quickly, accurately and using only one system. Moreover, we can plan operations exactly. The examination is pleasant for patients because they can remain in a sitting position; and despite maximum resolution, the radiation exposure is significantly lower than in customary CTs. Dentists and oral surgeons also can benefit from the information obtained. Accordingly, interdisciplinary cooperation also provides economic benefits.

    Dr. Florian Heimlich ENT Specialist, Heidelberg
  • The case presented here clearly demonstrates the advantages of 3D diagnosis in comparison to a conventional 2D scan. A conclusive appraisal of the actual extent of local findings and optimum planning of the resulting treatment was only possible as a result of the CBCT scan.

    Dr. Benjamin Engelke Oral surgeon, Brühl
  • I saw a photo and a PR article about EMCIA in a trade magazine in 2007. The elegant instrument arrangement in the backrest of the patient’s chair immediately appealed to me. This arrangement provides me with a good, rapid workflow and assists handling hygiene. Being able to keep hose-connected instruments out-of-sight for as long as possible when treating children and anxious patients is a very important aspect for me.

    Dr. Mildred Hartmann Dentist, Brühl
  • Patients describe the oil hydraulic system as extremely agreeable as it adjusts the chair into the required position gently and virtually without any noise. In addition, patients find the backrest very comfortable.

    Dr. Matthias Hoffmann Orthodontist, Ingolstadt
  • In our endodontic treatment sessions, we often have two assistants helping at the same time, one left and one right from our twelve o’clock treatment position. This is no problem whatsoever. No one gets in anyone else’s way. And it also saves time. The possibility of the slow-speed-mode setting is naturally ideal for adjusting the microscope.

    Dr. Tom Schloss, Dr. Jürgen Wollner Endodontists, Nuremberg
  • Unlike a lot of colleagues who have to undergo orthopedic treatment and endure the lasting burden of physiotherapy, I don’t have any back problems. That is why it was obvious for me that I would be choosing EMCIA treatment units again when I came to refit four treatment units after 15 years.

    Dr. Rolf Saatjohann Dentist, Horstmar
  • In 2008, I decided on a further EMCIA. Along with the ergonomic, back-protecting treatment position, I value above all the consistently tidy state of the working environment. The tray is automatically always in the same access position and creates a constant working environment. Because I use the microscope a lot, the 12 o’clock position is ideal for me as practitioner.

    Dr. Christoph Huhn Endodontist, Dessau
  • On the dentist’s element of the Signo Treffert, we particularly like the rewinding of hose-connected instruments into the instrument holder. This is safe, fast and, above all, it takes place without having to be watched so that we can keep our eyes on the field of work. Instruments can be changed quickly and we don’t drop any of them anymore.

    Dr. Rainer Halves Dentist, Emmerthal
  • Our new CBCT Veraviewepocs 3D is a constant source of inspiration. 3D formats can be selected in next to no time from a completely 2D image. In our experience, the quality is first class with regard to scanning quality, ease of operation and positioning. The relatively small formats are totally adequate for our demands and artifacts are avoided with the small image windows. In addition, motion artifacts are close to zero because of the extremely short orbital time of the emitter.

    Dres. Schlotter Dentists, Hanover
  • After having equipped my practice with an EMCIA unit, I find the large amount of legroom is an additional advantage. Patients also notice the calm atmosphere and tidiness. They hardly see any of the instruments because they are stored in the backrest. As a result, the unit helps to reduce anxiety. The EMCIA has been in use now for more than a year without any technical malfunction.

    Dr. Sivan Ates Oral surgeon, Cologne
  • Along with the easy handling and the low radiation exposure for patients, we greatly value the scanning precision. The possibilities for restricting the exposure area and the particularly short orbiting times reduce movement artifacts considerably. As a result, evenly colored scans are generated without spinal shadows etc.

    Dr. Hendrik Wefers Oral surgeon, Emsdetten
  • Our attention was drawn to the Accuitomo as a result of discussions with colleagues from the sector of oral and maxillofacial surgery. The CBCT provides a reliable diagnostic clarification, particularly in areas of uncertain clinical findings. The quality of Accuitomo scans is unparalleled with regard to sharpness and contrast.

    Dr. Dres, Dr. Saiczek Dentists, Hamm
  • I’ve been following, comparing and assessing the technical progress of the services of four competing manufacturers for some years. As the total advantages offered by the 3D Accuitomo from Morita were so obvious, I decided to purchase it. The integration of the 3D Accuitomo into the ENT outpatients department and the diagnostic environment has been sensational. Detailed images are obtained at once. Patients with suspected defects in the frontal sinus can be diagnosed immediately.

    Prof. Dr. Christian Milewski Clinic Director, ENT Clinic, Frankfurt-Höchst
  • Our patients regard the extremely short orbiting time of the Veraview IC5 as very agreeable – particularly in combination with the reduction in radiation dosage.

    Dr. Beate Schauer, Dr. Heike Spalterholz Dentists, Friedrichsdorf
  • We place the highest demands on ourselves and our preparations, particular for all-ceramic restorations. The high torque makes it unnecessary to set down during preparation; the instrument runs at full power - just like the red contra angle handpiece used to.

    Dres. Schweppe Dentists, Fröndenberg
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