Enhanced safety thanks to innovative technology

· Morita‘s cordless endodontic motor with integrated apex locator backs power-assisted root canal preparation by means of new safety functions

As endodontic procedures require working on minute structures, they presuppose a high degree of precision. That’s why the solution provider Morita searches undeviatingly for options to support dentists carry out endodontic therapy as well as ensure gentle treatment for patients. This is provided for by the latest milestone from this Japanese dental manufacturer, the Tri Auto ZX2 cordless endodontic motor with integrated apex locator. Equipped with the new-type “Optimum Glide Path” (OGP) function, it supports dentists in achieving their goal of even more precise root canal treatment.

The objective of endodontic treatment is instrumentation and widening of the root canal to create ideal conditions for flushing and obturation. In principle, it is not significant as to whether the operator carries out the preparation using hand or power-assisted devices. In fact, power-assisted preparation is increasing in popularity as it allows for faster procedures and higher quality results.

Treat safely, avoid risks

The main objective is to avoid the numerous problems which may be encountered during root treatment. The aim is to preserve the anatomy of the canal as closely as possible in order to avoid preparation errors such as canal transportation or ledging in, for example, curved root canals. Instrument fracturing is a further problem which dental specialists such as Morita counter with new developments. The Tri Auto ZX2 cordless endodontic motor with integrated apex locator represents a decisive step forwards in patient safety by employing its several functions to ensure safe endodontic treatments.

Perfect preparation thanks to the “Optimum Glide Path” function

The new “Optimum Glide Path” (OGP) function allows the operator to establish the glide path quickly and safely – even mechanically. Used with a #20 file (or smaller) this motor provides for apical patency. The motor mimics the Watch Winding and Balanced Force Technique movements for faster and safer treatments including for extremely curved or blocked canals. As mentioned, nickel-titanium files sized #20 or smaller as well as size #15 steel files can be used.

The proven “Optimum Torque Reverse” (OTR) function is also integrated which causes the file to change its rotational direction upon exceeding a certain torque and uses a very small rotation angle thus minimizing the risk of fractured files and microcracks. In addition, this system preserves the original shape of the canal and ensures that debris can be removed safely. The combined use of OGP and OTR during treatment permits the instrument to be inserted to the respective working length faster than before yet without blocking or ledging. In addition, the Tri Auto ZX2 is gentle to the natural tooth structure while, on the other hand, providing for even more economical treatment by reducing file usage to a minimum.

A glance at the LCD is sufficient to provide the dentist with all the important parameters thus ensuring full control during the working procedures. This endodontic system also excels with its small head and minimal weight (140 g) – ensuring it is practical to operate and allows for an improved view of the operating site. Owing to the cordless, easily handled concept, treatment is considerably more flexible, the workflow optimized and, thanks to the simple, intuitive operation and automatic safety features, provides reliable results every time. The more efficient working procedures curtail the treatment time which allows the dentist more time for rinsing and disinfecting.

Conclusion for daily practice

Modern equipment such as the Tri Auto ZX2 can play a decisive role in simplifying everyday practice for endodontists. Current innovative safety functions such as the “Optimum Glide Path” or “Optimum Torque Reverse” allow root canal treatment to be carried out even more effectively and safer. This increases the economicalness and reduces known risks such as file fractures or ledging – Advantages which benefit dentists and patients alike.

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