Dr. Tom Schloss

  • Specialities:
  • Systems:
    Spaceline EMCIA, Veraview X800, DentaPort ZX Set OTR
2012 – 2014
Masters Degree course in Endodontology at the Heinrich-Heine-Universität in Düsseldorf
since 2008
Completion of a two-year post-graduate further-professional-training program pursued in tandem with continuing professional practice : "International Program in Endodontics, Microendodontics and Endodontic Microsurgery", School of Dental Medicine, Department of Endodontics, University of Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
since 2004
Certificate in Endodontology – awarded by the German Association for Tooth-Preservation (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zahnerhaltung, or DGZ) and the Academy for Practice and Science (Akademie Praxis und Wissenschaft, or APW) after the completion of a two-year curriculum
since 2003
Practicing dentist with own dental surgery in Nuremberg, specializing in endodontics
since 1999
Awarded official licence to practice as a dentist
1992 – 1998
Study of Dentistry at the Universität für Medizin und Pharmazie in Temeschburg

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