A brilliant cooperation for the future of dentistry

· Morita is the official sponsor of the International College of Dentists (ICD)

The prestigious International College of Dentists (ICD) and the established family-owned Japanese company Morita are planning to work together closely to substantially improve dental care around the world. The focus of the ICD will be on regions such as Eastern Europe, China, India, and Africa, with a view to strengthening and expanding their activities in the fields of research, theory, and clinical practice. In realizing its goals, the U.S.-based organization can rely not only on about 12,000 members all over the world but also on the support of exclusive partners in dental industry. Morita plays a special role here – as could be seen at the annual meeting of the European section of the ICD in Ljubljana, June 25–28, 2014.

The strategic partnership pursues elevated goals – improving the global common good and overall patient health. The ICD, which is represented in 122 countries, is aware that this project cannot be implemented without active external support – whether in the context of a cooperative agreement with the World Health Organization (WHO) concluded in February or with the help and assistance of strong and influential partners in the dental industry. Ten of these exclusive cooperation partners support the ICD via the so-called Diamond Sponsor Program. One of them is the Japanese company Morita, a well-known family-owned supplier of innovative solutions for the dental practice and a performance leader in X-ray technology and cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT).

At the annual meeting of the European section of the ICD, Morita once more underlined its commitment to make a sustainable contribution to the global improvement of oral health. Visitors had an opportunity not only to learn more about the latest projects and developments within the ICD, but also about Morita’s pioneering role in the fields of X-ray, CBCT, associated hardware and software solutions: The Morita booth exemplified Morita’s role as a Diamond Sponsor and its intelligent system solutions. Clinical case reports highlighted the recording quality of the Morita CBCT systems (3D Accuitomo 170, Veraviewepocs 3D R100). In addition, a high-quality brochure featuring case studies was distributed at the booth that testified to the impressive imaging quality and sharpness of the Morita X-ray systems.

Jürgen-Richard Fleer, General Manager of J. Morita Europe GmbH, sees the company’s cooperation with the ICD as an important step forward: “Morita’s technological innovations in dental, oral, and maxillofacial surgery will continue to do its share in reproducibly assuring – and improving on – high standards of quality in diagnosis and treatment, for the benefit of the patient. The global activities of the ICD give people around the globe the chance to benefit from improved oral health – and we at Morita are very proud to play an active role as a Diamond Sponsor of this project.” The solution-provider concept is pre-eminent in these developments, Fleer continues: “Intelligent solutions require a strong and consistent customer orientation at all levels of specialization and clinical application. A detailed analysis of treatment procedures results in innovations that genuinely add value. You need to understand the whole picture to come up with the best detailed solutions.”

Morita leverages its innovative strength – not least in the radiological field – for intensive research and development efforts to further improve its products, striving to minimize radiation exposure in accordance with the ALARA principle (As Low As Reasonably Achievable). But it is not just in CBCT that Morita works to meet the wishes of practitioners and patients. Its innovative solutions for the dental practice are just as exciting, offering concepts that make treatment not only safer, but also more comfortable for everyone involved. Design aficionados will appreciate the Soaric treatment unit, and ergonomics enthusiasts will like the EMCIA dental unit. Other attractive offerings include the TorqTech instruments for a wide variety of dental uses, perfect down to the minutest detail, or the TwinPower Ultramini turbine that offers maximum potential despite minimal dimensions. These selected products are representative of the entire portfolio and representative of the objective the dental team and their patients strive for – the most successful treatment.

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