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· Morita: The TorqTech linear-stroke contra angle and Ortho-Strips IPR optimize interproximal reduction

Interproximal reduction is an important orthodontic procedure. It is used to adapt the width of a tooth to the existing intra-arch space without having to resort to extraction, expansion or protrusion. In order to make this treatment even quicker and more reliable, the Japanese company Morita has developed a perfectly matched system for orthodontic practices: the TorqTech CA-4R-O-PF linear-stroke contra angle combined with Ortho-Strips IPR.

One of the most frequent but nonetheless challenging treatments in orthodontics is creating space within the dental arch. Interproximal enamel reduction, also called interproximal reduction (IPR) or stripping, has established itself as an indispensable treatment method. Morita’s TorqTech CA-4R-O-PF linear-stroke contra angle and Ortho-Strips IPR are a reliable set of instruments providing real added value since they ensure that the treatment can be conducted quickly and effectively. Thus, for example, the contra-angle handpiece with linear stroke is perfect for attaining smooth surfaces and invisible transitions in tight spaces because the rotary movements are converted into strong linear motions. In this way, adjacent teeth and inter-dental papilla are treated gently, and the enamel surfaces that were treated exhibit the best possible quality. In addition, the small instrument head allows good visibility of the treatment area and very quiet running properties. Furthermore, its ergonomic shape and low weight relieves the hand and finger muscles.

When used together with Ortho-Strips IPR, the inter-dental space can be opened gently. For one, the TorqTech contra-angle can be adjusted finely; for another, it has a wide spectrum of number strokes with a maximum of 10,500 strokes per minute. Thus, the required removal of enamel is completed very quickly due to the high torque. Despite the high speed, the interaction of TorqTech and Ortho-Strips prevents ledging caused by canting or jamming. Moreover, the practitioner can contour the tooth surface and polish the enamel. Finally, the perfectly matched duo of instruments contributes significantly to making interproximal enamel reduction more effective and successful.

In addition to the TorqTech CA-4R-O-PF linear-stroke contra angle and Ortho-Strips IPR, Morita can offer numerous other solutions for orthodontic practices – for example, the ergonomic and space-saving Spaceline EMCIA KFO treatment unit or the modern Veraviewepocs 3D R100 diagnosis system, which offers not only 2D panoramic and cephalometric scans, but also highly accurate three-dimensional CBCT scans.

For more information about TorqTech CA-4R-O-PF, Ortho-Strips IPR and other products for orthodontic practices, please go to: www.morita.com/europe

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