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· IDS 2017: Morita presents dental practice solutions for all needs and a broad spectrum of users

As a central element of any dental practice, dental treatment units are continuously improved and optimized. At the IDS 2017, Morita reaches out to practitioners from all walks of professional life with its different “theme worlds.” This means that not only premium users will benefit from Morita’s comfortable and high-quality dental treatment units, but also young dentists in the process of equipping a new practice. Morita presents many of its tried and tested solutions but also some quite interesting innovations.

For decades, Morita’s dental solutions have represented the “gold standard,” the core of the company’s excellent standing both in the dental industry and in dentist’s offices. Its products have a reputation for excellent quality, durability, and reliability. They are what many clinicians dream of as they ponder the perfectly equipped dental practice.

As early as 1964, Morita developed the Spaceline treatment unit, implementing a concept that offered dentists significantly higher treatment comfort — the so-called “12 o’clock” ergonomic treatment concept by Dr. Daryl Beach that lets dentists treat patients while sitting upright in a naturally relaxed posture. Today, this ergonomic approach is the conceptual basis of the Spaceline EMCIA treatment unit. One of the three Morita worlds, it represents an innovative development and a further improvement on the proven treatment chairs. The EMCIA promotes a physiological posture and supports the practitioner’s natural freedom of movement in every situation. The carefully arranged instruments located in the back rest of the chair allow the dentist to work without having to assume an unnatural twisted posture. The practitioner’s risk of back and neck discomfort can be reduced to minimum by the Spaceline EMCIA when assuming the correct working position. This is further enhanced by the design of the Spaceline EMCIA as a workplace that optimizes the movements of the entire treatment team.

Perfect ergonomics and optimum working conditions — these also characterize Morita’s “Premium World”. The Soaric is a treatment unit that satisfies the needs of even the most discerning dentists, including endodontic or implantological specialists, who emphasize intelligent procedures, integrated functions, and good design. One of the main strengths of the Soaric is the integration of the whole dental team by helping create an optimized workflow. The unit supports both four-handed and six-handed procedures by providing for an appropriate position of the operators element or the possibility of integrating monitors, which simplifies working in tandem with the assistants who can follow each treatment step more easily. Integration is a major topic anyway when it comes to the Soaric. This dental unit, which has won several design awards, can be expanded by several modules (apex locator, monitor, microscope) for integration into the endodontic workflow. It relies on generous storage areas and intuitive hand movements. The powerful MX-i implantology motor by Bien-Air provides support for the entire range of implantological procedures. Dedicated software guides the clinician through the treatment sequence — from preparing the implant bed to screwing down the restoration. The specific treatment sequences recommended by seven manufacturers of dental implants are already programmed in and can be activated at any time. Hence, the Soaric adapts to the practitioner’s individual needs. All functions can be accessed either from the control panel or by using the foot control.

That quality products can be affordable is a point driven home by Morita with the presentation of its SIGNO world at the IDS. It is aimed at young professionals opening their own dental office. They are offered a special starter pack consisting of: two SIGNO G10 treatment units, an intraoral and 2D imaging system, and numerous instruments as a sound equipment base. Here, too, a mindful approach to the dentist’s work and ample customization options in conjunction with high functionality and great ergonomics play an important role: The popular SIGNO line supports a large activity radius for treatment, with long instrument hoses and a compact design. All SIGNO units allow optimal patient positioning and easy access to all instruments. The SIGNO G10 II is available either as a whip-arm version (SIGNO G10 II S) with a wide radius of activity as well as an over-the-patient version (SIGNO G10 II OTP). New at the IDS for the OTP version is an add-on tray that provides additional storage space for tools and materials.

More information on our treatment units, so visitors get an impression of the quality and affordability of the “gold standard” on the Morita websites.

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