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· IDS 2017: Morita presents high-performance instrument range

Dental treatments require maximum precision — day after day. The confined space in which they are performed requires not only a good eye, but also a correspondingly precise tool. For an entire century now, the Japanese dental manufacturer Morita, has met the highest demands in terms of function, comfort and design with its broad portfolio of high-performance instruments. And that is still very much the case today — of which the products for the dental office presented at the IDS 2017 provide ample proof.

Throughout its 100-year history, Morita has developed a considerable portfolio of instruments for various dental applications. Outstanding in quality, they offer a unique combination of compactness, performance, and ergonomics. The range of available instrument covers ergonomic tweezers, forceps, mouth mirrors and scalers, versatile handpieces and contra angles — all the way to powerful turbines.

In the field of straight handpieces and contra angles, the TorqTech and Tokyo series with their Torx drive systems have been widely appreciated as reliable tools for the dental practice. These instruments cover a wide range of applications and are especially renowned for the excellent workmanship of their strong and durable chucks, ensuring an excellent grip and a perfect fit. Coupled with the reliable power transmission, this means smooth and quiet operation for efficient and comfortable treatments. The ceramic coating of the ultra-smooth surfaces is highly resistant and easy to clean. The micro motors and air motors are lightweight and provide unmatched power. Prophylaxis attachments such as the TorqTech CA-4R-O-PF and TorqTech CA-4R PP and TorqTech CA-10RC-O and TorqTech CA-10RC contra angles for endodontics, surgery and restorative dentistry are just a few examples of the extensive and powerful TorqTech portfolio. The TorqTech CA-10RC-Endo endodontic handpiece is particularly well-suited for the Soaric premium treatment unit and integrates optimally into the endodontic workflow.

Another highlight in the Morita portfolio are the TwinPower turbines with their patented double-impeller technology. Despite their compact dimensions they offer a very high torque and a consistently high performance — minimum size, maximum power. One of the more recent additions to this product line has been the TwinPower Ultramini with its unrivaled combination of performance and compact head volume. With its small dimensions, the TwinPower Ultramini provides many benefits — perhaps first and foremost an unencumbered view of the treatment field, which is particularly appreciated when treating pediatric or geriatric patients. At the same time, operators enjoy a large range of motion and high torque across the entire range of applications for more efficient treatments.

In the development of its hand instruments, too, Morita attaches great importance to usability. Their design is based on the ergonomic principles laid out by U.S. dentist Dr. Daryl Beach. The shape, size, weight, and operating characteristics of these ingenious tools have been informed by anthropometric data, including studies on the most favorable working postures. The resulting stress-free and proprioceptive handling significantly increases the effectiveness of the dentist’s work. For example, Morita’s MXS oral mirror provides a perfect tactile balance between the dentist’s thumb and forefinger, which is further enhanced by its low weight — lightweight tools prevent muscle cramp in the hands and fingers. Following the concept of Dr. Beach, the ergonomic design helps dentists improve their tactility to let them concentrate more closely on their work.

More information on Morita’s powerful and ergonomic dental instruments is available at on this overview page.

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