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· Modern diagnostic systems, treatment units as well as measuring and preparation systems: all from one source

Working on small structures in tight spaces and taking into account individual anatomic features is part of an endodontist’s everyday work. That is one reason why endodontics is considered one of the most challenging fields in dentistry. Thanks to modern system solutions, endodontic procedures are becoming increasingly more safe and reliable. An outstanding example is the range of products offered by the long-standing family company Morita. The company’s safe diagnostic units, functional treatment units as well as precise measuring and preparation systems provide comprehensive solutions for endodontic practices.

In the course of preparing a root canal, dentists may face several tasks: extraordinary anatomic features may cause extreme stress on the file, which, in the end, may lead to file fracture. Or dislocation of the foramen, ledge formation or perforation may occur. In order to enable practitioners to meet these kinds of challenges as optimally as possible and to make root canal treatments safe, Morita offers a series of intelligent solutions: Amongst other things, these solutions include state-of-the-art diagnostic and imaging equipment, which already provide tangible benefits at the diagnostic stage. Even very small structures can be represented with the help of the combination systems Veraviewepocs 3D F40 and R100, and so, also due to a resolution of more than two line pairs per millimeter, precise information about the shape of root canals and any special anatomic features is obtained. An exact treatment plan as well as a better prognosis can be drawn up on the basis of this information. Another advantage offered by Morita concerns patient communication: In addition to the diagnostic units, the smart software solution i-Dixel ensures complete documentation and simple administration of the scans, which also, besides numerous processing possibilities, supports comprehensive patient information. The diagnosis, treatment plan and entire course of the endodontic therapy can be easily displayed on the monitor – one more step towards a digitalized practice.

As far as the treatment itself is concerned, dental practices can rely on Soaric, the treatment unit designed specifically for endodontics. It features an integrated microscope, by means of which very small accessory canals can be discovered. Moreover, the integrated apex locator displays the measuring process directly on the monitor of the treatment unit. The touch display provides clear-cut presentation of the values obtained by the root canal measurement and, on request, data from the practice’s own PC can be called up.

Morita’s portfolio of endodontic products is rounded off by the modular measuring and preparation system DentaPort ZX Set OTR: It has both an apex locator as well as an option for mechanical canal preparation using a handpiece and a polymerization lamp. Furthermore, the treatment safety is increased by its innovative OTR function (Optimum Torque Reverse). This feature automatically reduces the load on the file as of a certain torque limit by reversing the direction of rotation. After rotating in reverse by only 90 degrees, the file returns to the cutting direction.  In this way, file breakage is reduced to a minimum and, at the same time, the natural tooth substance is preserved.

All things considered, Morita’s range of products reflects a coherent and comprehensive concept for dentists who carry out endodontic treatments, the components of which can be combined to obtain the highest possible efficiency. In this way, root canal treatments can be made even more precise and, in particular, safer – and this benefits both the practice and the patient.

This product is not available in EU, EFTA and EEA countries. If you are from these countries, please look at the Veraview X800, the new and extraordinary imaging system.

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