· “Meet the expert”: Endodontics specialists with recommendations based on first-hand experience

Lisbon is not only the capital of Portugal, this autumn it also advanced to an important event location for the dental field of endodontics: From September 12 to 14, 2013, scientists and practitioners from 28 European countries visited the 16th Specialist Congress of the ESE (European Society of Endodontology) which was promoted, among others, by the traditional Japanese company Morita. Completely in line with its own corporate philosophy of helping dentists with their daily work through application-oriented concepts, interested visitors to the exhibition stand of Morita had the possibility of exchanging information with experienced endodontics specialists at a “Meet the Expert” event.

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of medical-technical products and innovative treatment concepts, Morita offers solutions that take into account the objective of successful endodontics treatment. In daily practice, this calls on the one hand for technical equipment that functions reliably to meet the requirements of the medical procedure, whilst on the other hand being as effective and comfortable to use as absolutely possible for the endodontologist. Just how well that can be achieved with surgery solutions from Morita can be best assessed by experienced users, which is why selected endodontics specialists had their say in a “Meet the expert” event at the Morita exhibition stand and informed the numerous participants about the diagnostic possibilities of cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), teamwork during treatment and the benefits of back-friendly working conditions for dentists and their assistant teams.

Three dimensions for successful endodontic treatment

Practical recommendations for treatment planning with the help of three-dimensional CBCT imaging were provided by endodontics expert Dr. Hans-Willi Herrmann who has his own practice for endodontics and tooth preservation in Bad Kreuznach. Dr. Herrmann uses cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) from Morita for diagnostics as well as monitoring the performance and procedure of his endodontic activities. In his opinion, the three-dimensional imaging of his Veraviewepocs 3D F40 creates “clear facts where until now we were very often just stabbing about in the dark”. In this respect, the possibilities of three-dimensional imagery include detection and verification of additional root canals as well as the confirmation of discrete apical lightening. Consistent further developments of the CBCT appliances go hand in hand, among other things, with a reduction in radiation and guarantee optimum diagnosis of the bone tissue in the dento-maxillofacial area with simultaneously a lower and patient-friendly dosage. In this respect, the patient also profits from shorter scanning times and easy, exact positioning. Another of Morita’s products, the 3D Accuitomo 170, an innovative CBCT appliance, offers a pathfinding resolution and new scanning volumes. The Veraviewepocs 3D R100 sets even higher standards: The unique Reuleaux field of view only shows the relevant area of the jaw arch and offers six different fields of view with which a broader spectrum of indications is possible.

Functionality, ergonomics and aesthetics for endodontics surgeries

As endodontologists spend several hours a day in a specific working position, many practitioners are faced in the long term with the risk of back problems. With their own practice in Nuremberg, the endodontics specialists Dr. Tom Schloss (lecturer at national and international specialist conferences) and Dr. Jürgen Wollner (lecturer on the subjects of endodontics, CBCT and ergonomics) provided numerous tips and advice on back-friendly work posture with the objective of creating a pain-free working environment. In order to achieve a complaint-free work method, the recommendation is to assume the most favorable treatment position and pay attention to correct movement processes. With this in mind, Morita has developed, among others, the ergonomic treatment unit EMCIA which enables treatment from the 12 o’clock position.

The endodontics specialists Dr. Uwe Radmacher (Mannheim; active in endodontics, navigated implantology, aesthetic prosthetics and minimally invasive surgery, as well as international lecturer on endodontics and implantology) and Dr. Jörg Schröder (Berlin; specialist area of treatment: endodontics; national and international lecturer) were on hand to answer questions on the advantages of the Soaric treatment unit which supports endodontic treatment in combination with special instruments – such as the endodontics contra-angle attachment TorqTech CA-10RC-Endo – as well as the integration of a microscope. With the connection of monitors, Soaric makes it possible for the assistant team to follow individual treatment stages in the root canal as the microscope image is transmitted direct to the screen. In this respect, a well-functioning workflow during teamwork is of elementary significance for Dr. Schröder. Not only does Soaric alleviate work, it also optimizes treatment efficiency and profitability for endodontic therapy. The interaction of technology, ergonomics and design focuses on the needs of both the practitioner and the patient and ensures that all patient groups – children, adults and persons of limited mobility – feel comfortable and relaxed during treatment. And where the dentist is concerned, it is primarily the flexible and intuitive handling that plays an important role, as well as the availability of innovative instruments for needs-based treatment.

Innovative solutions for endodontics

And last but not least, expert reports at the fringe of the 16th ESE Biennial Congress confirmed the motto of Morita: “Thinking ahead. Focused on life.” A precondition for the development of high-quality and user-friendly products continues to be close cooperation with users and the correspondingly linked partnership-based design of new concepts, and ideas focusing on the needs and requirements of dentists. In view of the user reports, the results also speak for themselves in the endodontics sector – whether in Lisbon or in practices in Germany and worldwide.

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