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Tradition and innovation go hand in hand at the Japanese family enterprise Morita. And so, that is also true for the Spaceline product line: The treatment units have been proving their worth for more than 50 years. The current Spaceline EMCIA model continues the success story consistently and reflects the workflow optimization trend prevalent in the dental profession – an aspect that has been a firm part of Morita’s product philosophy since the beginning. Spaceline EMCIA is based on the treatment concept developed by Dr. Daryl R. Beach, which has been used successfully since the 1950s. Anyone interested can learn about the benefits of this concept at the ergonomic continuing education courses offered by Morita in 2016. Participants will be introduced to a relaxed working posture that allows natural and efficient movements on an EMCIA unit.

Many dentists already know about the ergonomic-functional treatment concept developed by the American dentist Dr. Daryl R. Beach. Dentists learn how to work in a balanced posture and prevent physical strain. In this way, physical stresses are avoided and dentists can work free of pain.  In his concept, Dr. Beach consistently proposes a working posture in tune with our natural physiological posture and movements; a natural and stable posture is therefore imperative. Dentists work actively with their forearms sitting at the 12-o’clock position. It is important to sit upright, relaxed and balanced in order to reduce physical strain to a minimum. This effectively prevents the back pain typically suffered by most dentists.

Spaceline EMCIA offers customized solutions – oriented along the Beach concept. Users can arrange their working place individually according to their needs and can choose between numerous flexible tray systems: for example, instruments integrated in the back rest of the chair, a tray mounted on the back rest of the chair or a swiveling dentist’s element. If more trays are needed, an additional ceiling-mounted swiveling tray is available, too. All the important instruments and operating functions are arranged in such a way that they are within comfortable reaching distance. Moreover, intuitive handling is ensured by integrating the instruments in the back rest. They can be reached quickly and comfortably both from the dentist’s and the assistant’s positions, meaning that they are readily available for use. So for example, the oral mirror MXS is designed for a proprioceptive treatment based on Beach. The length of the instrument is based on studies of anthropometric data including a favorable working posture. This fundamental principle of highly ergonomic instrumentation also extends to the tweezers, forceps, scaler and probe.

In view of the systematic concept and compact design, Spaceline EMCIA needs only very little space, providing sufficient freedom of movement to the team even in small treatment rooms and, hence, patient care of the highest quality. The arrangement of the equipment takes into account the working sequences and movements of the dental team: For example, the assistant can easily alternate between intra-oral and extra-oral tasks while the dentist can comfortably use the wash basin in the cabinet. Since they are small, several treatment units can be set up in one room, without impairing the privacy of the patients. Orthodontists also can benefit from the advantages of Spaceline EMCIA, because Morita has developed a special orthodontic version to meet their special requirements. This unit also was designed on the basis of the Beach concept and so that physical strain is avoided while patients are treated. So for example, the upright treatment position ensures efficient functional diagnostics (e.g. craniomandibular dysfunction): in this position, the jaw is in its natural position for an impression. The slow-speed mode is another highlight for focusing the treatment field to millimeter accuracy, which is of particular importance when you are working with a microscope.

To sum it up: Given the compact, space-saving design as well as flexible tray concept and possibility of arranging the instrumentation to meet your individual needs, Spaceline EMCIA is the perfect treatment unit for modern dental and orthodontic practices. The ergonomic treatment unit designed in line with the Beach concept still satisfies users today as it did 50 years ago: it becomes an unobstrusive part of the myriad treatments and raises workflow in dental practices to a new level. In order to give dental professionals an opportunity to learn about the Beach concept and EMCIA, Morita has been offering the continuing education courses “Ergonomics and Workflow in Dental Practices” for six years. In 2016 experts once again will demonstrate the advantages of correct posture during dental treatments to small groups. If you are interested in attending one of the courses, please make a note of one of the dates in 2016:

„Precision and Posture - Ergonomics and Workflow in Dental Practices“

Bremen: dental office of Dr. Arnd Lohmann, MSc (Ostpreußische Str. 9, 28211 Bremen)
20-21 May, 16-17 September and 11-12 November 2016

Dietzenbach: Dr. Wolf Neddermeyer (Morita showroom, Justus-von-Liebig-Str. 26, 63128 Dietzenbach)
1-2 July and 14-15 October 2016

Cologne: dental office of Sivan Ates (Gotenring 1, 50679 Köln)
28-29 October 2016 

Nuremberg: dental office of Dr. Tom Schloss & Dr. Jürgen Wollner (Kornmarkt 8, 90402 Nürnberg)
15-16 April and 25-26 November 2016

For more information, please have a look at the webpage on the seminar.

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