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· IDS 2015: Innovative new products and enhancements by Morita

For almost 100 years now, the family-owned traditional Japanese company Morita has been working on taking dentistry into the future. This includes continuous improvements in the areas of user convenience and practice workflow: How efficiently the human and the “machine” components of the team can work together is an important factor of treatment success. True to the motto of this year’s IDS, “Quality of life starts with excellent solutions,” Morita once again proved its distinct solution expertise, presenting new and enhanced products that sustainably improve not only the quality of the treatment but also the patients’ quality of life.

At the exhibition stand as well as at an exclusive press conference, the dental specialist presented smart hardware and software solutions that — in 2015 as in previous years — will set new benchmarks in periodontology, endodontics, oral implantology, and orthodontics. Jürgen-Richard Fleer, General Manager of J. Morita Europe GmbH, explains what is important for his company: “Topics that engage the world of dentistry today include 3D imaging, tooth preservation, digitization, and laser technology. For practitioners, however, the question is always what really makes sense and what is just a gimmick. Our patients’ quality of life cannot be enhanced with good products alone. This is why we offer excellent solutions — from diagnosis to follow-up — that originate in vivid exchanges with our users and in our unique grasp of clinical processes and that strengthen our ability to push the limit.”

A perfect example of this is the new AdvErL Evo Er:YAG laser, Morita’s third laser generation and the absolute highlight of the company’s IDS presence this year. In Europe, Morita has mainly been known as a quality provider of dental treatment units, imaging systems, and dental surgical instruments. It is less widely known that for almost 20 years now, Morita has produced highly efficient lasers for dental procedures. Jürgen-Richard Fleer is confident: “Until now, the laser market has been dominated more by visions and marketing messages than by evidence-based solutions. However, our new AdvErL Evo provides results that speak for themselves. The use of the laser will only yield truly beneficial results if the technology is evaluated as to its effect over time and according to specific clinical criteria. The numbers favor the AdvErL Evo, one of the leading laser systems with more than 4,000 installations worldwide.” Morita’s innovative laser was not designed merely to project a brand image. It emphasizes treatment economy and promises treatment results that are hard to achieve with classical methods. The procedures are minimally invasive and low-pain. The laser produces no major vibrations or excess heat and is therefore more comfortable for the patients. But they are not the only ones to benefit. The dentist and the dental team enjoy the AdvErL Evo’s ease handling in periodontology, oral implantology, and endodontics.

At the IDS press conference on Tuesday, David Sleeman, Senior IT Manager for J. MORITA MFG. CORP. in Kyoto, spoke about the use of the laser in periodontology and the underlying laser technology principles: Er:YAG lasers emit stimulated electromagnetic radiation having a wavelength of 2,940 nm, which is ideally absorbed by water. The laser beam excites the water molecules, increasing their volume 800- to 1,000-fold and leading to so-called micro-explosions. This gives rise to a major advantage of laser therapy in periodontitis treatment, namely that the working field is automatically sterilized. The AdvErL Evo not only destroys inflamed tissue but also efficiently combats the bacteria resident in the tissue, virtually precluding the risk of bacteremia. The new laser also facilitates an innovative approach to the treatment of peri-implantitis — an affliction whose increasing relevance and treatment was illustrated by Jürgen-Richard Fleer at the press conference by way of an example: The AdvErL Evo method is very effective and suitable, especially for complex CIST classes, since the AdvErL Evo now covers class D cases. And in endodontics, the new laser has yielded such promising results in terms of disinfection efficiency that it is appropriate to speak of a “soft” revolution. It is used, for example, in surgical procedures (e.g. apical resections) and in the context of root-canal treatments, where it offers special benefits in root-canal debridement.

Other advantages of the new laser include an ergonomic handpiece that gives practitioners ideal access to the preparation area and the eighteen application tips for different indications that transport water and air directly to the field, eliminating the distractive spray mist and providing a better view of the treatment field. The gentleness and precision of the new AdvErL Evo laser was also admired at Morita’s IDS stand. Here, visitors met the challenge to engrave eggs — the most skillful engraver received an iPhone 6.

But even the most sophisticated laser treatment will always have to be based on a proper diagnosis. Here, too, Morita presented intelligent hardware and software solutions at IDS 2015 to support its claim to the title of “performance leader” — and this emphatically includes the field of 3D imaging: The Veraviewepocs 3D R100 imaging system for panoramic, cephalometric and 3D imaging has been further enhanced on the occasion of the IDS by adding new Fields of View (FOV). The two new FOVs (Ø R100 × 40 mm and Ø 80 × 40 mm) provide more individual height adjustment options and make maxillary and mandibular imaging easier, ensuring a more accurate alignment of the unit to the patient and yielding maximum resolutions at minimum radiation exposure. In addition, Morita’s smart i-Dixel software supports digital integration in the dental office and provides complete documentation and convenient record management. This includes not only versatile options for image processing but also comprehensive patient information. The diagnosis, the treatment plan, and the therapeutic procedures can be clearly visualized on the screen.

As Jürgen-Richard Fleer put it: “The ongoing digital revolution has produced a wealth of opportunities for modern-day dentistry, not only in terms of improved treatment planning but also by making processes more efficient and more economical. Again, our focus is clearly on providing value, which is why we work with open platforms as part of our Best Partner principle and provide useful interoperability options between our solutions and components offered by other manufacturers. For example, the 3D data can be easily merged with different scanner images.”

Patients perceived the dental unit as the central part of the treatment facilities. Morita has introduced two new products in this segment. The popular Signo series has been extended by the new SIGNO G10 II treatment unit, which is available in over-the-patient and whip-arm versions and features an elegant design, ease of maintenance, and a high level of functionality. Secondly, Morita now promotes its Soaric treatment unit, which has won multiple design awards, as a dedicated solution for oral implantologists by adding a new implant motor system to its premium unit to facilitate the use of a Bien-Air MX-i or MX-i LED micro motor. The range of possibilities now extends from complex endodontic to dental implant surgery. Other optimized accessories for Morita’s dental units include a number of small “treatment aids” at the intersection of technical progress and clinical requirements. One example is the TwinPower series of turbines that provide maximum power across a broad speed range thanks to its patented double-rotor technology. The endodontic portfolio benefits from a small addition with immense benefits: The existing DentaPort ZX Set OTR modular measurement and canal preparation system has been further improved by a new security feature, OTR (Optimum Torque Reverse), which reduces file breakage to a minimum while conserving the hard tissue of the patient’s tooth. Within the treatment course, this helps remove debris safely and improves the file’s movements within the canal while saving time.

Another innovation is purely digital in nature — the newly designed, globally consistent site Morita website. With a single click, interested visitors can access complete background information and download training-course offerings, case studies, videos, product manuals and much more: www.morita.com/europe.

The Veraviewepocs 3D R100 is not available in EU, EFTA and EEA countries. If you are from these countries, please look at the Veraview X800, the new and extraordinary imaging system.

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