Interview - “Modern standards call for innovative solutions“

· Jürgen-Richard Fleer, General Manager of J. Morita Europe GmbH

Morita can look back on 20 years of expertise in the field of laser technology. Why has Morita decided to launch AdvErL Evo on the European market now as well?

We are experiencing significant social and technological changes. Given the myriad opportunities and challenges, Morita does not want to pursue short-term trends; rather, our objective is to create real benefit and to provide the dental profession with highly effective innovations. The use of lasers will lead to meaningful solutions only if the temporary effect of the technology is evaluated and ordered by specific clinical criteria so that it can become established practice. Whereas visions and marketing messages unfortunately have been dominating the European laser market up until now, the new AdvErL Evo provides evidence-based results, some of which also are corroborated by ongoing studies. Our focus is on a cost-effective use to attain treatment results that basically cannot be achieved with classical methods. By the way, the journey began in 1969 with an Er:YAG-Laser called “Erwin”, which predominantly was used in periodontology. Not only the expanded range of application but also the figures speak for the third generation of the AdvErL Evo laser: More than 4,000 systems already have been installed, making it one of the leading laser systems worldwide.

What concrete advantages does the new laser offer to dental practices?

AdvErL Evo is a versatile and easy-to-operate high-end solution, particularly for periodontal treatments and the treatment of peri-implantitis. Treatments are minimally invasive, virtually painless and can be carried out without strong vibrations or development of heat – consequently there is less tissue trauma and, hence, they are are more pleasant for patients. At the same time, AdvErL Evo offers a high degree of working comfort to dentists and their teams. They can benefit from innovations that are making treatments more ergonomical and efficient. Amongst other features, this includes the handpiece that is shaped like a scaler: it allows direct access to the preparation area and the narrow application tip ensures an optimal view. The practical swivel arm reduces the weight of the handpiece to a minimum, and the flexible fibre-optic transmission cable allows a high degree of freedom of movement. This is a feature that cannot be found in most mirror-arm systems since their joints frequently are in the way. Moreover, AdvErL Evo can be used immediately: it can be installed quickly and easily by “Plug & Play” – all of the water and air supply systems needed for the treatment already are integrated in the device. Optimal workflow also is supported by the display, which provides a clearly arranged user surface as well as 20 preprogrammed settings.

Why can AdvErL Evo be used in so many different ways?

The versatility is reflected in the wide range of tips that lead water and air directly to the application tip, in other words, precisely to the place where the laser beam is emitted as well. Altogether 21 tips are available – amongst others, standard, caries, flat and root tips as well as tips for periodontal treatments. Since its launch in 2015, three new tips have been added: PSM600T, designed for treating periodontal pockets, ensures controlled movement inside the pocket and reduces the risk of tip fracture. CS600F can be used for removing hard tissue as well as treating soft tissue. By producing fine water spray, it prevents absorption by a thick layer of water. At the same time, it produces a thin layer of water for the irradiation and, in this way, ensures a better view, quicker vaporization and, consequently, quicker cutting. The R600T tip is used for treating peri-implantitis and allows easy access from the side of a bone cavity and the implant surface as well. Accordingly, this tip supports an efficient treatment of peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis.

The laser system makes possible an innovative and promising therapeutic approach. Can you explain this?

According to the German Association for Oral Implantology, about one million dental implants are inserted every year in Germany. However, the increase in dental implants has been accompanied by new forms of diseases of oral soft and hard tissue such as peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis1. These diseases need to be treated efficiently. The treatment methods made possible by AdvErL Evo are based on surface reactivation caused by so-called micro-explosions, which occur when the laser energy is absorbed by water and its volume increases 800 to 1000 times. In this way, the treatment area is disinfected and any contamination on the surface of the implant is removed effectively without affecting osseointegration. Whereas only cases belonging to the CIST category (cumulative interceptive supportive therapy) “C” (antibiotic treatment) could be treated successfully with established methods, AdvErL Evo’s innovative therapeutic approach also extends to Category “D” cases (regenerative or resective procedures).

The year 2016 also is special for Morita for another reason: the company is celebrating its 100th anniversary. How does AdvErL Evo fit into this anniversary?

Morita always has focused on innovations and our solutions always have made a mark in dental medicine and improved the patients’ quality of life. More than a century ago, the founder of our company, Junichi Morita, already formulated the corporate principles that we still follow today: creating the highest possible precision and product quality as well as real added value for dentists and their patients. Now, 100 years later, Morita is a third-generation family enterprise being managed by Haruo Morita that offers future-oriented solutions for the evolving sector of dental medicine. Yet, the principles of progress and quality are still the same. This is reflected in AdvErL Evo. It provides comfortable handling features to dentists active in many different areas of specialization and puts a satisfied smile on the faces of their patients. Modern standards call for innovative solutions – with top priority being given to sustainability. In the final analysis, this creates the basis for trustful cooperation and stands for our goal that “Thinking ahead. Focused on life” will also be put into practice in the next 100 years.

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