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Dietzenbach, December 2013. In October 1963 the Spaceline treatment unit was presented for the very first time to the American Dentists Association and has, since then, successfully proven itself on the dental-equipment market. Today, many years later, the Spaceline line of products has kept pace with technological change and has undergone constant technical improvement. The philosophy behind the treatment unit, however, and its basic design concept have remained the same throughout this whole period. The primary focus of the treatment unit remains on the living individual human being – a priority which makes possible a form of dental work that is both efficient and relaxed.

We show you here some important milestones and highlights in the long history of the Spaceline series – from its first launch onto the market right up to the present day.

Spaceline from Morita – “State of the Art” for 50 Years
Since 1963 the Spaceline treatment unit from Morita has proven its worth a million times over – and it continues to develop today.

It was in the October of 1963 that the Japanese dental-equipment supplier Morita first presented the Spaceline treatment unit to the American Dentists Association. From the following year, 1964, onward this unit began to bring about a veritable revolution in dental practices. Based on a design concept which, even 50 years later, has barely a rival in its uncompromising placing of the human being at the centre of the treatment process, the Spaceline makes possible an especially efficient and stress-free style of dental work. Thanks to the consistent work done on its development, the Spaceline series has remained “state of the art” technology throughout all this 50-year period, as is proven also by the up-to-the-minute designs embodied by the new Spaceline EMCIA. 
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Spaceline and Changing Times: Milestones of the Past and Present, At A Glance

We show you here the development of the Spaceline dynasty.
In the “Timeline” presented below, you can discover the various steps and stages that formed the success story of this classic treatment unit – from the “hour of its birth” right up to the present day. 
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Spaceline EMCIA
The relaxed form of efficient treatment unit

With its ergonomic-functional treatment unit Spaceline EMCIA, the company Morita provides you with more freedom of movement when treating your patients. The user-oriented concept promotes a healthy physiological posture and supports your natural movement processes in each treatment situation. Spaceline EMCIA unites comfort and functionality - for an efficient and relaxed working environment.

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