New Er:YAG Laser combines versatility and efficiency

· AdvErL Evo made by Morita – effective, ergonomic and minimally invasive

Minimally invasive surgery is the order of the day in modern dentistry – particularly complex procedures such as root canal or peri-implantitis treatments call for gentle solutions as well as precise and safe methods. With the innovative Er:YAG laser AdvErL Evo, Morita has developed a highly versatile treatment option: the user- and patient-friendly unit emits electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength that is readily absorbed by water. Hence, AdvErL Evo allows numerous treatment options for different indications – be it for periodontal or complex endodontic, implant or oral surgical procedures.

In view of the fact that the radiation emitted by the AdvErL Evo Er:YAG laser has a wavelength of 2,940nm, precise and gentle treatments are possible with this laser treatment unit: the irradiation effect is limited to the surface of the tissue, which means that the energy does not penetrate deeper layers of tissue. This prevents coagulation of the tissue and ensures healthy bleeding, which, in turn, leads to quicker healing. In this way, AdvErL Evo allows gentle, virtually pain-free treatments without any development of heat or vibration and without any anesthesia. So, for example, the Er:YAG laser is suitable for removing necrotic tissue in periodontal pockets, removing subgingival calculus as part of a periodontal treatment, apicoectomies and removal of cysts/tumors in surgical procedures as well as treatment of peri-implantitis. In such treatments, both inflamed tissue and contaminated matter on the implant surface can be removed effectively and, moreover, without having any negative effects on osseointegration.

Dentists benefit from innovations that make treatments more ergonomic and efficient: this includes numerous helpful individual components such as, for example, the unique AdvErL Evo handpiece that is shaped like a scaler. The design of the handpiece ensures direct access and, in view of its narrow application tip, provides an optimal view of the preparation area. The practical swivel arm and the flexible fiber-optic transmission cable reduce the weight of the handpiece to less than 50g and, consequently, allow significant freedom of movement within a radius of about 600mm from the handpiece holder, the position of which can be adjusted by the dentist to meet his individual needs (in addition, the holder can be autoclaved for effective infection control).

The tips of AdvErL Evo also are unique: they supply water and air directly to the application tip and, accordingly, exactly to the place where the laser is emitted – in this way the laser can “unfold” its full effect directly in the preparation area. The number of different tips reflects the versatility of the Er:YAG dental laser treatment unit made by Morita. All in all, 21 tips are available, for example, standard tips, caries tips, flat tips, root tips and tips for periodontal treatments. Since the market launch of AdvErL Evo at IDS 2015, three new tips have been added: PSM600T, R600T and CS600F. PSM600T was developed for treating periodontal pockets, i.e. controlled motion in the pocket is ensured and, hence, the danger of tip fracture is reduced to a minimum. The R600T tip is used particularly for the treatment of peri-implantitis and allows easy access from the side of a bone cavity and the implant surface as well. Accordingly, this tip makes possible an efficient treatment of peri-implantitis as well as peri-implant mucositis and also removes infected granulated tissue. CS600F, in turn, can be used to remove hard tissue – such as tooth and bone substance – as well as soft tissue: this tip produces fine water spray to prevent absorption by a thick layer of water. At the same time, it produces a thin layer of water for the irradiation and, in this way, ensures a better view, quicker vaporization and, consequently, quicker cutting.

The large display also benefits the user: the intuitive user surface has a very structured design and altogether 20 preprogrammed settings that can be called up quickly and comfortably. The dentist can save user logs on a flash-memory stick and transfer them onto a computer easily via a USB interface. If it becomes necessary to change positions during the treatment, the compact laser unit can be moved easily and operated from all sides. AdvErL Evo can be installed quickly and functionally based on the well-known “Plug & Play” method, because all of the important water and air-supply systems needed for the treatment already are integrated in the device – all the dentist has to do is connect it to a socket and start it up.

Practicioners specializing in many different fields of dentistry will find Morita’s AdvErL Evo Er:YAG laser to be a highly versatile and easy-to-use high-end device. Contrary to conventional approaches, it makes possible considerably more comfortable and gentle treatments, especially as regards minimally invasive procedures. Both practitioners and patients will benefit from this.

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