New instruments for precise, hygienic work

· Dietzenbach, 12 March 2013. The long-established Japanese company Morita supplements its Torx motors with new quality attachments that are optimized for use with the tried and true micro motors, completing the range of applications. The robust, top-class, ergonomically designed instruments accomplish all procedures – from prophylactic care to surgical interventions – with virtually no operating noise, enhancing the comfort of practitioners and patients alike.

Morita expands its portfolio of straight and contra-angle attachments even further with new TorqTech instruments that stand out due to their special features, such as a smooth, ceramic-coated surface to name just one, that provide stability and are easy to clean. Besides optimizing hygienic conditions, the special ceramic coating is behind the long-lasting look of the instruments, whereby Morita's customary solid production quality guarantees long life and low wear.

The attachments are particularly light and ergonomically designed so that the instrument's center of gravity lies precisely between the dentist's thumb and index finger – something that enables more relaxed working with greater touch. In the cramped conditions of the patient's mouth especially, the instruments are designed for particularly tactile treatments: with the compact head, the practitioner has perfect access to the molar region and can work effortlessly with the instrument. The narrow diameter of the head and the short length of the instrument provide for a good angle of view even in difficult conditions, such as for preparations of posterior lateral teeth or with patients, such as children, who are unable to open their mouths very wide or keep them open long. A further aspect of benefit to patient and dentist alike, is the high-quality chuck: This provides greater grip as well as flush fitting with the reliable gear drive for quiet operation, making treatment comfortable for both parties. The strong grip of the chuck also provides for the longest possible life of the clamped lining.

Among the novelties from the portfolio to be shown at the IDS 2013 are the prophylaxis contra-angle attachment TorqTech CA-4R-O-PF, which can be used with EVA tips and is ideal for finishing and polishing work since it operates with a relatively low noise level. Also new in the area of prophylaxis is the contra-angle TorqTech CA-4R-PP attachment that because of its low radial runout is suitable for professional teeth cleaning and other prophylactic measures. The robust contra-angle attachment is also very long-lasting.

True multi-talents are the new contra-angle attachments TorqTech CA-10RC-O and TorqTech CA-10RC conceived for endodontics, surgery and restoration work. The attachments operate at three gear speeds and with their compact head height of just 13 millimeters, allow precise work in complex conditions. Specially available for the Soaric premium treatment unit is the endodontic contra-angle TorqTech CA-10RC-Endo attachment, equipped with an internal file electrode for comfortable apex localization and a low speed for endodontic work. Additionally, the speedy TorqTech CA-5IF-O is the perfect instrument for preparations with operational speeds up to 200,000 revolutions per minute. It is equipped with modern fiber optics that provide maximum illumination, even in the molar region. The optimal use of high-performance LED lighting ensures that the practitioner always has a good view and overview.

In the development of its straight and contra-angle attachments for the Torx motor systems, Morita focused not only on solid production quality, as always, but also on dentists' demands for a lightweight, ergonomic and easy to clean instrument – living once again up to its motto: “Thinking ahead. Focused on life.”

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