New intraoral x-ray unit Veraview iX

· Dietzenbach, March 2011. X-rays „right to the point“ – Reliable, flexible and space-saving with Veraview iX

The new intraoral X-ray unit is a further highlight which Morita has added to its range of diagnostic instruments for dental practices. VeraviewiX is lightweight, manoeuvrable and provides excellent quality X-ray images – either analogue or digital. A flexible supporting arm and an alignment laser facilitate setting the imaging area exactly.
This venerable Japanese company has long been the leader in imaging processes and the precision of its diagnostic units is inspiring. This manufacturer has now presented a unit for taking X-rays intraorally whichnot only “scores highly” with its high definition images but also with its straightforward operation and space-saving design. This new diagnostic unit has a practical, small head and features a wall-mounted arm with several joints for locating it easily in the correct position.

This allows VeraviewiX to be adapted easily to the patient’s height. This wall-mounted intraoral X-ray machine is handy, saves space and at 23 kg is a real lightweight. The operating panel is clearly laid out and the self-explanatory LEDs can be used for all settings. The dentist uses the alignment laser to aim at the imaging area exactly. Moreover, the dentist can choose between taking digital or conventional X-rays.
This new Morita product is a technical masterpiece: Unlike with conventional intraoral X-ray units, the X-ray tube of VeraviewiXis located deep inside the unit. This enables the legally required minimum distance between the tube and skin to be complied with easily but without the tube projecting far beyond the head of the unit. The very small tube and the laser alignment device provide for predictably exact X-raying of the desired areas. Compact, straightforward and extremely precise – VeraviewiX really reduces the workload for the dentist and the exact setting options lower the stress for the patient.

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