Press Report: Treating in style

· Uncompromising functionality combined with modern aesthetics: Soaric makes choosing a treatment unit easy

Dental practices are being opened up, expanded or redesigned every day in Germany. This means that many dentists are faced with choosing a suitable treatment unit. In the past functionality frequently was the most important criterion, but now the appearance of the practice as well as aesthetic aspects are becoming increasingly important, too. The number of available products is large: Modern premium treatment units like Morita’s Soaric combine uncompromising functionality with elegant design.

The typical cliché of a dental practice being a sober and clinical place can be changed to a “patient-friendly environment” by means of well-planned interior design, which combines medical treatments with an atmosphere of trust. Besides the interior design, the choice of equipment is important – indeed, the choice of the treatment unit is of central importance in this respect: for one, it is the most important piece of equipment for treating patients and, for another, it is the visual center of the treatment room. Everything literally revolves around the treatment chair. The question whether it should be “functional” OR “fine looking” is no longer an issue: just look at Soaric, the premium treatment unit made by Morita. 

Designed for optimal workflow

The most important specification when developing and designing a treatment unit always is smooth handling and effective workflow, because this promotes the success of the treatment. To put it succinctly: the design is determined by the functionality and not vice versa. It is in this respect that Soaric consistently looks at the requirements of dentists and their teams and adapts to the specifically desired workflow – superfluous showy effects are off limits. In fact, the unit and all product variants can be operated intuitively and, at the same time, they meet the individual requirements of dentists in an innovative way. So, for example, older patients or patients with limited mobility can mount and dismount from the chair easily because of the swiveling armrest and foldaway foot section. The oil hydraulic system lets the chair be adjusted comfortably and almost imperceptibly. In addition, a slow-speed mode can be activated for accurate focusing (e.g. when working with a microscope).

Using the operating panel of the unit, the dentist can comfortably configure the height and backrest settings as well as all settings for scalers, motors and turbines. Everything is within reach and the intelligent arrangement of the instruments allows 4-handed or 6-handed treatments. The treatment unit has altogether six foot control buttons, with which the dentist can program the foot control to suit his treatment procedures. The unit is thought-out to the smallest detail as is demonstrated by the numerous patented accessories – from the strain relief to reduce the tube weight in the dentist’s hand to the removable instrument holder. The central elements can be mounted or dismounted as needed and, accordingly, they also can be cleaned reliably and easily. 

Elegance in your dental practice

Whereas dentists and their teams primarily are interested in these technical aspects, patients – besides easy access and comfortable positioning – like the clear-cut design of the unit. The Soaric treatment unit is not only functional but also elegantly designed. Its reduced homogeneous design that features curves, oval and symmetric forms, which also conceal the inner technical workings, has nothing in common with the prevalent view of a fragmented, crowded and scary dentist chair of past days. It has a modern and elegant appearance that will be appreciated not only by upscale patients.  The pure and flowing shape extends throughout the entire unit, including the interleaved lower chair cover of painted metal elements.

Functionality, clear design structure and timeless elegance – modern premium chairs as the one described above also significantly promote the well-being of dentists, teams and patients. And this in turn contributes to a relaxed treatment. The Soaric treatment unit was selected by the renowned International Design Forum because of its aesthetic design: the premium chair received an iF award in the category of Communication Design for the operating panel and the prestigious iF gold award for Product Design in the category of “Medicine/Health+Care”. This is one of the most important and coveted awards for innovative product design.

The “best of both worlds”

Faced with the task of choosing the right treatment unit for a new practice or for the expansion or renovation of an existing practice, the criteria of “functionality and aesthetics” are not contradictory to each other. The best way to proceed is to attach importance to both of them and to refrain from making compromises. Then you will find the “best of both worlds”, so to speak, in such integrated solutions as Morita’s treatment unit. The times in which you had to decide in favor of one of the two criteria are a thing of the past now that such modern premium chairs as the Soaric model described above are available.

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