SS/SSR micro motor and TorqueTech instruments

· Work with tact and sensitivity: Ideal torque at any speed

Dietzenbach, March 2011.

Morita have developed a really useful combination of micro motor and contra-angle for those cases where precise working is especially important: The centre of gravity of the Torx SS/SSR micro motor is well-balanced to ensure that it fits in the hand perfectly. The TorqTech instruments of this traditional Japanese company convince impressively smooth and therefore hygienic surfaces, minimal weight and a compact head. This instrument relieves stress on the operator and, indirectly, on the patient too.

Longer lasting treatment in areas difficult to access is stressful for both the dentist and patient. In developing this extremely compact micro motor and the ergonomically designed contra-angles which belong to it, Morita have produced an instrument for tackling such challenges. The handpieces are designed to ensure that the centre of gravity of the working section is positioned exactly between the operator’s index finger and thumb. This allows him to work relaxed and with much tact and sensitivity, even during longer treatment procedures. The motor is a mere 62 millimetres long and weighs 68 grams. Not only is this extremely small and lightweight but the corresponding contra-angles (TorqTech) are also designed to ensure that the operator can prepare optimally. The dentist can reach all teeth effortlessly. The Torx SSR micro motor also includes an integrated apex locator which enables the root canal to be measured directly during endodontic treatment.

When used with the contra-angles from this traditional Japanese company, the result is a well-balanced, high-performance instrument concept: Within a speed range of 100 to 40000 r.p.m. the motors run well-balanced and smoothly, especially in the low speed range and provide effective support for treatment procedures. A new locking mechanism holds the contra-angles on the motor securely.
The improved chuck system grips the rotary instruments securely and firmly – even at high torque levels.
TorqTech instruments comprise a blue 1:1 contra-angle, a red 1:5 contra-angle and a blue 1:1 straight handpiece. Both contra-angles are, of course, lighted. Cavities and caries are very easily identified with Morita LEDs. The bright, almost natural-looking light with good contrast provides for a great view. Furthermore, as LEDs last longer than conventional bulbs and require replacing less frequently, they are much more cost-effective. LEDs only warm up minimally, which enhances the working atmosphere during treatment.
Compact, particularly lightweight and balanced perfectly – this „mini“ can simplify work in a dental practice setting considerably. The new Torx SS/SSR micro motor and the TorqTech contra-angles expand the portfolio of Morita products by a further reliable and innovative product. Good light for a perfect overall view: Keep handpieces cool, energy-efficiently
In nature, light and warmth are inseparable. In a working environment this combination may be disturbing. To provide operators with an ideal view while keeping the handpiece cool, Morita is proud to present a new generation of light-emitting diodes (LED): Turbines, handpieces and OP lights were developed and adapted so that the high-performance diodes in these instruments provide optimum illumination but without the luminous source building up excessive warmth.

This traditional Japanese company has developed a new generation of instruments with LEDs and uses the advantages of this technology to enhance the view directly in the oral cavity. Hence, the Torx SS micro motor is available with integral diodes for improved recognition of caries and cavities. The Ultramini TwinPower turbines are also equipped with the new light-emitting diodes for enhanced viewing during tooth preparation.  Moreover, the proven WS-10-O multifunction syringe is now also available in a LED version (WS-10-O-LD). A new high-performance polymerisation lamp completes the range of uses of these new diodes for instruments: PenCure 2000 allows users to polymerise effectively from a greater distance at 2000 mW/cm² as, unlike with other LED light-curing lamps, the light beam focuses intensely.

Integrated into the instruments, these new LEDs allow cavities and caries to be identified better. Top illumination and good contrast simplify dentists’ work as illumination is absolutely essential if a dental practitioner is to work successfully. That’s why since last year the days of light bulbs are numbered. The drawback of conventional halogen lamps is that they often give off more warmth than light. Energy-saving lamps often do not provide sufficient illumination.

The LunaVue LD OP light also uses the LED developed by Morita to produce outstanding performance values as well as emitting pleasant light. Its brightness of 30000 Lux, colour temperature of 4200 K and colour rendering index of Ra 93 (TYP) create a friendly working atmosphere and well illuminated treatment environment. LunaVue LD complies with all hygiene requirements: its no-touch sensor allows it to be switched on and off without touching a button. The light handles are easily removed, sterilisable and easy to care for. When used in an OP light, these latest generation LEDs illuminate the working zone uniformly and over a wide area but without causing shadows around the edges. Moreover, from the economical and ecological points of view, these lights are better alternatives than other light sources. As the LEDs are extremely long-lasting and develop virtually no warmth, they do not need replacing so frequently and therefore cause less maintenance work. These practical light sources also save more energy than conventional lights.

The new Morita LED high-performance instruments provide the operator with an excellent view and lower the stress on surgery staff and patients.

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