Signo Z300 – Treat patients ergonomically ensuring greater efficiency

· Dietzenbach, Germany, February 2023. Morita presents their new Signo Z300 treatment unit at the IDS 2023. The unit represents “simplicity” and was specially developed to ensure integrated, ergonomic working according to the zero concept. The worldwide launch has had a very positive response to date. In March the Signo Z300 will be presented to a wide international public at the IDS.

The perfect unit for the zero concept: the Signo Z300

During conventional dental treatment, operator and assistant often bend and turn towards the patient to obtain access to and view of the treatment site. As a result, this can lead to poor posture and musculoskeletal problems – which has already been verified by numerous studies for many years.  The new Signo Z300 treatment unit from Morita follows the so-called zero concept, in which the design of the unit and the limited number of functions are oriented to the workflow of the operator – and not the other way round.

Signo Z300 – the crowd-puller in Paris

The new Signo Z300 became the crowd-puller of the ADF Congress in Paris, France at the end of 2022. A large number of dentists thoroughly tested the concept and unit with great interest. Marketing Director, Markus Pein was highly satisfied with the result of an internal market research of dentists and dental traders at the trade fair: “The treatment concept, design and initial perception of the quality of the Signo Z300 were assessed as particularly positive by over 95% of respondents. Younger operators, in particular, could well imagine personally profiting from the ergonomic advantages of the treatment concept.”

Perfectly combined – natural posture with optimum reach range

Thanks to the horizontal lying area, the Signo Z300 allows users to treat patients in a natural posture and without physical strain. Dentists work according to the zero concept in the 4-hand treatment position and with a mirror, because a direct and reflected view in the oral cavity of a supine patient is a great deal more effective than with a sitting patient. Furthermore, the treatment site can be easily reached with the hands controlling the instruments; treating dentists do not have to change their healthy seating position.

Essential functions – efficient working

The Signo Z300 treatment unit offers dentists a range of carefully selected functions, which enable efficient diagnosis and treatment. All controls of the chair and instruments are operated by a footswitch. The headrest optimally supports the patient and can be adjusted in three positions at the 4th cervical vertebrae level. Tray and hose routing can be very easily moved to provide equal for support for left-and right-handed operators as well as the four-hand technique. The unit is also maintenance- and hygiene-friendly. A spittoon bowl was not included for reasons of hygiene (to avoid cross contamination).

Morita - pioneer of the horizontal design

The Signo Z300 has famous predecessors, because Morita is a pioneer of the horizontal concept. As the first company worldwide, Morita introduced the legendary “Spaceline” treatment unit to the market as early as 1964.
The Signo Z300 is a further development of the horizontal design that aims to provide dentists with the optimum working conditions at all times.

The reduced design allows natural arm movements to be maintained. The Signo Z300 is thus the result of consistent development work on concept and unit for almost 6 decades.

Further information about the company is available at the Morita website.

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