Unity of function and aesthetics

· Modern premium units fuse sophisticated performance and attractive design

Form follows Function: This motto can bring forth dental products with outstanding designs as proven by the treatment units launched by premium brands. One brilliant example is Soaric, a treatment unit from the traditional Japanese company Morita: it merges intelligent functions with pure aesthetics.

Clinically sober and dull treatment units are a thing of the past.  Today, many different functional units with an appealing appearance are available on the market when you are looking to acquire a new unit for your practice. Naturally, the configuration, functions and optimal operation still take priority, but these aspects increasingly are accompanied by a modern design that enhances the aesthetic atmosphere of a practice. In addition, the image of a practice, the work experience of the whole team as well as the trust and well-being of the patients are endorsed when the practice and equipment have an elegant appearance. If you want nothing less than a high-end system, Morita’s premium unit Soaric is exactly what you’re looking for.

Intuitive handling …
Functionality takes precedence when developing premium treatment units. Accordingly, Soaric is designed to promote effective, precise and safe treatments. The unit is available in different variations: By adding supplementary options, the unit can be used for various treatment fields and requirements. Still, Soaric’s design bears in mind the usual working sequences and supports workflow in dental practices. The clear-cut arrangement of the elements, for example, ensures that everything is within reach: quick access and intelligent arrangement of the instruments allow smooth 4-handed or 6-handed procedures. The height and backrest settings as well as all settings for scalers, motors and turbines can be adjusted on the operating panel. The treatment unit has altogether six foot control buttons, with which dentists can program the foot control to suit their treatment procedures. Thanks to the integrated measuring and preparation functions as well as the possibility of directly adapting a microscope and several screens, the unit is predestined for practices specializing in endodontics and implantology. The oil hydraulic system allows the patient chair to be adjusted very gently. Furthermore, a speed mode (Slow Speed Mode) can be used to assure accurate focusing of the microscope without dentists having to change their preferred seating position. As a matter of fact, the unit is thought out to the smallest detail: working with the unit everyday is made easier by such patented accessories as the strain relief to reduce the tube weight in the dentist’s hand and the removable instrument holder.

… … and a nice look go well together
Patients will know that they are looking at a high-quality treatment unit with a modern design as soon as they see Soaric for the first time. The well-matched flowing style, the curves, oval and symmetrical forms are pleasing to the eye. The pure and flowing style extends to the interleaved lower chair cover of painted metal elements – “simple inner workings” are concealed underneath the surface. And so Soaric will add elegance and a subtle atmosphere of well-being to any dental practice, something from which both the team and patients will benefit. Individual parts such as, for example, the covers of the seat cushion, can be replaced or renewed easily so that the unit will still match the interior design should you decide to renovate your practice.

Award-winning product design
In the final analysis, the choice of a unit that is in line with a practice is decided by the personal preference of the person who has to make the decision. One aspect that may tip the scale in favor of the Soaric treatment unit described above, which has outstanding prerequisites to meet even the highest demands for functionality and design, is that the unit has won awards from the renowned International Design Forum: Soaric was awarded an iF Award in the category “Communication Design” for its user interface. And, to top it off, when it was awarded the iF gold award for product design in the category “Medicine/Health+Care”, it won one of the most prestigious and coveted awards for innovative product design.

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