Cone beam computed tomography in radiology Contributed by Dr. med. Dirk Brechtelsbauer, Images taken with 3D Accuitomo 170

“Wherever possible and as long as the patient agrees to the resulting costs, I prefer using CBCT for questions regarding the osseous structures of the skull: The resolution is higher and radiation exposure lower than with a computer tomography. With CBCT, you always have a 3D dataset that can be viewed by the referring physician as well using the viewer that is provided free of charge.“


45-year old female patient with incomplete root filling 25 years ago.


Chronic periapical periodontitis


The sclerosis in the bone and osseous defect in the alveolar process above the mental foramen are clearly visible.  Three-dimensional reconstruction, in particular, clearly shows the close location to the mental foramen.


Root resection

Accuitomo Brechtelsbauer



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