Follow-Up Report: Modern Concepts for Dental Offices: Posture is decisive

· GDC 2015: Morita with user-oriented framework program

Morita – a Premium Partner in the „Competence Network” of the German Dental Congress – organized a highly interesting framework program from 6-7 November 2015 in Frankfurt, where they presented their concepts for dentistry in future: Besides the modern hardware and software developed by the long-standing Japanese company, ergonomic workplace concepts which allow dentists and their teams to work under ideal health-related conditions also were presented. The ergonomics expert Dr. Arnd Lohmann, MSc, explained these concepts in a well-attended lecture by giving many practical examples and a live demonstration.

The German Dental Congress also featured a comprehensive information platform for new product concepts as well as a top-notch framework program, in which Morita participated in line with the motto “Clinical relevance, critical observation, constructive discussion”. Morita has been a Premium Partner of the German Dental Congress in such areas as X-ray diagnostics, CBCT and endodontics for several years. The company offers solutions that stand out against other general approaches and cover the entire course of treatment from the diagnosis to the follow-up – all in line with the goal of giving patients beautiful smiles. Furthermore, it became evident that (work) posture is an essential concern of Morita as well: The egonomics expert Dr. Arnd Lohmann, MSc, explained the “sitting and viewing” concept developed by Morita. As part of the lecture series “The Dentist’s Workplace: Sitting with good posture and a good view” organized by the Working Group for Ergonomics and Dentistry (AGAZ), he demonstrated the advantages of the ergonomic and functional treatment method developed by Dr. Daryl Beach on a Spaceline EMCIA treatment unit. The important point to consider is that ergonomics actually work in practice and can be beneficial for dentists and their teams. Therefore, we need to be aware of our working posture and should try out new positions whenever we feel discomfort. It is a fact that neck and back problems are very widespread complaints in the dental profession. Nonetheless, an ergonomic working style must be easy to understand and learn. This is true for the treatment based on Dr. Beach’s treatment concept, i.e. working from a 12 o’clock position: Lohmann explained to more than 40 participants that this concept improves working posture and, hence, promotes more comfortable and healthy seated posture. The concept can be put into practice ideally with such treatment units as Spaceline EMCIA: this unit as well as the instruments available for it are developed according to Dr. Beach’s concept. It promotes both the natural working posture of the dentist and ergonomic posture with sufficient legroom for the assistants. The instruments are arranged in such a way in the backrest and the dentist’s element that the dentist can work without having to twist his spine. When treating according to the “12 o’clock” concept on Spaceline EMCIA, dentists have a good view of the whole working environment. Lohmann reported that he received very positive feedback regarding the practical value and successful learning process from colleagues who attended his ergonomic workshops: in the course of the 1½-day workshop “Precision and Posture” offered by Morita, the participants often were able to change their postural habits after just a short introduction to the treatment method. Putting this concept into practice is highly recommended for every dentist, especially with a long and pain-free working life in mind – and, to top it off, the dental team benefits from it, too.

At its trade-fair stand, Morita presented intelligent hardware and software solutions that set new standards in the fields of oral surgery, endodontics, implantology and orthodontics. A treatment unit that has been on the market since August 2015 once again was the center of attention: the popular SIGNO series has been expanded with the new SIGNO G10 II, which is available with suspended tray delivery “S” (e.g. flexible positioning), or with whip-arm delivery OTP (e.g. greater treatment freedom), and, as usual, is characterized by high-quality, functionality and flexibility. As a Premium Partner in the field of X-ray diagnostics and CBCT, Morita also underscored their leadership position in 3D imaging. At the trade-fair stand, the combination system Veraviewepocs 3D R100, with altogether eight fields of view (FOV), was presented to the visitors as an “all-rounder” for X-ray diagnostics. Since it can be used for panoramic, cephalometric and 3D images, it combines the advantages of CBCT with those of a conventional X-ray device. It features a unique field of view that is adapted to the dental arch and scans only the clinically relevant areas with very low radiation dosage (R = Reuleaux). The two FOV Ø R100 × 40 mm and Ø 80 × 40 mm, in turn, allow more individual height adjustments and simplify scans of the maxilla and mandible. In addition, introducing digital integration to your practice is made easy with the smart i-Dixel software, which ensures complete and consistent documentation as well as clear-cut management of the scans. This combination of hardware and software offers numerous improvements – besides optimal treatment planning, it allows more efficient processes and higher economic efficiency. Moreover, within the scope of its “Best Partner Principle”, Morita links their solutions to open platforms (e.g. the 3D data can be merged easily with different scanner images).

Dentists specializing in endodontics were particularly interested in DentaPort ZX Set OTR, Morita’s modular system for endometrics, preparation and polymerization, which featured the innovative new safety function Optimum Torque Reverse (special prices offered at the German Dental Congress will be effective until 31 December 2015. The same is true for the turbine series TwinPower and TorqTech).

All in all, not only the working posture is decisive for achieving permanent therapeutic success, the quality of modern dental practice concepts also plays a part. Bearing in mind that the company will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2016, it can be said that for almost a century Morita has stood for future-oriented dentistry and continuous optimization to promote user-friendliness and practice workflow. True to the motto “Quality of life starts with excellent solutions” Morita once again proved their distinctive competence with product concepts that will permanently improve the quality of life of both patients and dentists.

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