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· Dietzenbach, November 2011. At the annual conference of the Deutsche Fachgesellschaft für Endodontie (German Society for Endodontics) in Bonn from November 3rd to 5th, 2011, Morita provided the appropriate means for the right conclusion: At the anniversary conference in the luxurious ambience of the Grand Hotel Kameha in Bonn, with Soaric the traditional Japanese company presented the workplace as final highlight of the event and was able to demonstrate the quality of its class in endodontics with lots of small and large extras.

For three days, visitors to the conference were offered a top-class programme: the contributions, under the direction of Dr. Carsten Appel, were international, interdisciplinary and highly exciting. The best however, as is known, is always kept until last – which is why most of the participants of the anniversary conference of German endontologists stayed until the end of the conference on Saturday in order to be able to take a peek over the shoulder of one of the best in their field. This peek was to be a very special one: The conference hall remained well-filled right to the end as the thrilled participants were provided with a three-dimensional presentation of two patient cases.

Excellent conditions

Only the best was good enough for the event in the luxury hotel in Bonn. Prof. Dr. Syngcuk Kim, an internationally recognized specialist in his field, was flown in especially from Philadelphia (USA). Kim had already demonstrated his expertise in a live OP at the first annual conference of the German Society for Endodontics in Cologne in 2002, where he provided an understanding of his methods for German practitioners who treat root canals. The companies Morita and Carl Zeiss Meditec, as well as the dental practice Dr. Schloss/Wollner, had set up a treatment room with lots of extras in one of the conference rooms specifically for the live operations so that the sympathetic and entertaining American could demonstrate his methods in an undisturbed and really relaxed manner. Achieving this involved a great deal of logistics: The premium treatment unit Soaric (Morita) was set up and connected specifically for the specialist in endodontics.

Dr. Tom Schloss (Nuremberg) and Dr. Dieter Deussen (Cologne) had each prepared one of their patients for the event by carrying out a revision in the run-up to the conference. Both had provided Prof. Kim with their findings. For the first operation, Dr. Schloss had used detailed digital volume tomography (DVT) exposures (Veraviewepocs 3De, Morita) to show the present situation.

1 practitioner – 2 patients – 3D

In the first treatment session, Kim was faced with a first molar on the lower left. “Being right-handed, this treatment is naturally much easier for me,” the American explained, working from the 12 o’clock seated position behind the patient. During pre-treatment of the first patient, a file had broken off in the tooth and remnants of the instrument were still in the canal. This is why the super-sharp DVT exposures were all the more important for the practitioner: “The three dimensional display provides me with an exact picture of the situation so that the surgical procedure is no great problem.” At the same time, two high resolution cameras with 3D technology were providing first class images and causing clear amazement in the auditorium. Nevertheless, it wasn’t just the brilliant picture quality and vivid images that ensured that practitioner and spectators kept a grasp of the situation; a particular role in providing complete clarity was played by the TwinPower Turbine with 45° angle head (Morita) which was specially designed for such cases – even in the tight premolar area. “I’m always able to see the drill tip despite the head attachment,” commented the moderator, Dr. Helmut Walsch of Munich, obviously impressed.

The success of the operation was documented by a subsequent x-ray exposure for the conference visitors. The exposure shows that the root filling was successful despite the complex root structures.

The second operation was equally successful. In this case, a 19 year-old patient was operated in regio 36. Prof. Kim pointed out that it was important for the OP that the patient’s head is in a stable and a comfortable position both for the patient and for him – not a problem with Soaric. The expert was then able to carry out this operation as well in a routine manner. The visitors stayed until well after the announced end of the conference in order to be able to watch the procedure and the impressive images all the way through.


Thanks to perfect preparation, a first-class root canal specialist and the unique technical equipment provided by the Japanese endodontics specialists Morita, the company Carl Zeiss Meditec and the practice team of Dr. Schloss/Wollner, the conference was brought to a successful conclusion.

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