Tri Auto ZX2+: The Next Level of Reciprocation

· Dietzenbach, February 2023. With the new Tri Auto ZX2+ endomotor, Morita has opened a new chapter in mechanical preparation of root canals at IDS 2023. Thanks to the new OGP2 motion, the chance of file breakage during root canal preparation is greatly reduced. For general dental practices or endodontic specialists, the Tri Auto ZX2+ bring improved efficiency and safety during treatment.

The future of reciprocating motion

Morita is presenting its new Tri Auto ZX2+ endomotor at IDS 2023. The device is equally suitable for endodontists as well as general dentists, as it combines state-of-the-art intelligent technology with impressively easy handling. OGP2 (Optimum Glide Path), OTR (Optimum Torque Reverse) and OAS2 (Optimum Apical Stop2) provide a high standard of safety in endodontics. The new reciprocal movement of the Tri Auto ZX2+ reduces the chance of file breakage even when using the thinnest of files.

Simplicity, efficiency, and safety

The highlight of the Tri Auto ZX2+ is the optimized glide path mode, OGP2, with the newly developed reciprocal movement. In this mode, even highly curved or narrow root canals can be prepared by mechanical instrumentation while still retaining their original shape. Thanks to the intelligent reciprocal movement pattern, rotational deviations do not accumulate, which significantly reduces the chance of file breakage. At the same time, this new endomotor is quite simple to use with improved safety. From the establishment of patency and glide path to final shaping, all work steps can be performed in just one mode. Different files can be used throughout the process. This allows the dentist to concentrate fully on the treatment without having to spend valuable time on file types and settings. Another advantage: Optimized workflows with shorter and smoother treatment sessions lead to greater patient comfort by reducing overall treatment times.

A plus in flexibility and comfort

The new OTR CCW mode can also be used with reciprocating files (CCW files). 9 modes including apex location are available and accessible from the built-in display. The stored settings make it easier for the generalist to get started quickly and successfully with the Tri Auto ZX2+. For the endospecialist, the Tri Auto ZX2+ offers numerous options for individual adaptation. Individual preferences can be set in all modes. This cordless handpiece with integrated display is equally adaptable for left and right-handed users.

A plus in precision and efficiency

The built-in apex locator shows the file location accurately in the presence of both dry or wet canals. In combination with all the safety functions of the Tri Auto ZX2+, it enables continuous monitoring during treatment. The new OTR mode provides efficient shaping by combining continuous cutting using clockwise or counterclockwise rotation (CW or CCW) with reciprocating motion when needed to reduce the chance of file breakage. In doing so, the mode works with reduced rotation angles in both cutting and reciprocating motion, resulting in a reduction in treatment time.

Experience the Tri Auto ZX2+ at IDS 2023

Morita cordially invites IDS visitors in March, 2023 to experience the new Tri Auto ZX2+ for themselves. In the "Morita Solutions" area at the Morita booth, renowned specialists will present the endo workflow based on the Morita portfolio and will be on hand to offer advice and support to those interested. Visitors are encouraged to try out the equipment for themselves in dedicated "hands-on" areas. Experience the new level of reciprocating movement and the exciting possibilities that OGP2 and more have to offer.

About Morita
The Morita Group is one of the leading manufacturers of medical technical products. The traditional Japanese company, with sales companies in Europe, USA, Brazil, Australia and Africa, provides a wide range of products. Leading the way in X-ray diagnosis and endodontics, the product portfolio offers high-performance imaging systems, including 3D volume tomography, treatment units, turbines, straight and contra-angle handpieces, instruments, and endodontic measuring and preparation systems, laser systems. With a great emphasis on quality and continuous research, over 2,000 employees worldwide focus on the needs of users and dentists. In this way the spirit of Junichi Morita, who founded the company in 1916, lives on. Morita, now in its third generation of family ownership, is under the management of Haruo Morita.
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