Technical qualification, according to the German Röntgenverordnung (Radiation Regulation)

3D diagnostic imaging is one of the most important innovations in the field of dentistry and is taking on ever growing importance. This technology allows for greater planning certainty, less invasive procedures, and richly detailed diagnoses.

Why is a Technical Qualification Course necessary?

A Technical Qualification Course has to be completed to operate a CBCT system and to evaluate three-dimensional X-rays because only then will you be able to take CBCT X-rays and evaluate the images.

What does such a course entail?

The first module consists in technical instruction, followed by technical instruction and proficiency modules in CBCT diagnostics. The CBCT Technical Qualification Course is held on two days respectively; however, there should be an interval of at least three months between the two course dates. Following regular attendance and successful completion of the final exam, the medical association will grant you the qualification to operate a CBCT system and evaluate three-dimensional X-rays.

A complete schedule is available here: DVT-Fachkunde

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