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Scientific developments and innovations in medical technology are required if we are to reveal and open up, also in the future, new paths in dental care. Paths that are equally relevant for both patients and dentists, because dentistry is currently undergoing a period of transformation:  

  • Increased longevity in societies worldwide, which means a growing danger of periodontitis and other diseases of the periodontium and oral cavity
  • Patients‘ growing interest in aesthetic dentistry
  • Increased efforts to preserve teeth rather than resort to implants
  • Improved prophylactic habits among patients
  • Changes in legal regulations and increasing bureaucracy for dentists
  • Higher standards to be met as regards informing patients about therapies, risks, and costs


Above all in the fields of the restoration, regeneration and reconstruction of teeth and periodontal areas practitioners will be, in future, obliged to take on responsibility, especially as regards quality assurance and careful documentation of all measures applied. For this reason, it is incumbent also on manufacturers to support dentists to the maximum possible degree and to provide them with instruments which will produce ideal treatment results while at the same time complying with all relevant legal specifications. 

As a “Premium Partner” in the “Competence Network” of the Deutscher Zahnärztetag we are participating in these changes, bringing to them our many years of experience in the fields of imaging systems, cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) and endodontics, and are taking on responsibility towards society as a whole in the course of this fundamental transformation which dentistry is presently experiencing. In a way that brings benefit and profit to all, we are supporting, to the very limit of what is presently possible, and in collaboration with scientific institutes, professional associations and other partners, both the current generation and future generations of dentists in the practice. 

“In order for a new technology like cone-beam computed tomography to establish itself on the market, the challenges faced by potential users of this technology are of important and valuable consideration, along with their expectations and past experiences. It has always been part of Morita’s long tradition to maintain a constant contact and exchange of views with specialists and with our Key Opinion Leaders in the various specialized areas of dentistry and this will continue to enjoy high priority.“

Jürgen-Richard Fleer, General Manager of J. MORITA EUROPE GMBH

Cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) can provide, as part of the diagnostic process in many specialist areas of dentistry, valuable knowledge contributing to the recognition and minimization of risks. These areas include implantology, periodontology, and endodontics. Orienting ourselves by the “ALARA principle” (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) we are constantly reviewing our product developments, so as to be able at once to keep radiation dosages as low as possible for the patient and to provide the user of the product with an innovative system producing images of brilliant quality.

Since 2013 we also have been “Premium Partner” of the Deutscher Zahnärztetag in the field of endodontics. As a pioneer and leading quality provider of endodontic systems with a global market share of 25 percent we bring years of know-how to the field and already enjoy an excellent reputation among specialists. With our extremely precise, user-friendly systems we offer to dentists active in the area of endodontics a comprehensive solution – covering everything from diagnosis and treatment planning, through actual therapy, to final checking and documenting of treatments applied.

Medical-technological innovations in dentistry and orthodontics will surely continue also in future to contribute to ensuring high quality standards in diagnosis and treatment. But a fundamental precondition for this is the close cooperation with one another of product users, manufacturers, specialist dealers and dental institutions. Such cooperative relationships are the most decisive stimuli for the development of new products. An open and fair exchange of views in a spirit of partnership is the key to shared success. Such is one of our firmest convictions here at Morita.

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