Handpieces and Instruments Warranty terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

J. MORITA MFG. CORP. warrants the product identified on the reverse side hereof (the “Product“) as follows:

  1. Warranty term. J. MORITA MFG. CORP. warrants that the product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of the Warranty Period.
  1. Items Not Covered by Warranty. This warranty will not cover parts of the Product or consumables which normally need to be replaced such as glass or rubber components, lamps, x-ray tubes, ball bearings, batteries, and the like. Further, this warranty will not cover defects or damage caused by:
  1. Failure to operate or use the Product in accordance with the Operating Manual or warning / cautionary labels.
  2. Modifications of the Product, connecting the Product to other products, or using components or replacement parts not specified or approved by J. MORITA MFG. CORP..
  3. Repairs performed by parties not designated by J. MORITA MFG. CORP..
  4. Accidents or forces outside of J. MORITA MFG. CORP.'s control, such as dropping the Product or collision of the Product with other objects, fire, flood, natural disasters, etc. 
  5. Improper or inadequate installation of the Product.
  6. Use or operation of the Product in settings or under conditions not specified by J. MORITA MFG. CORP. or set forth in the Operation Manual including, without limitation, connection of the Product with an improper or inadequate power source, unauthorized changes in equipment settings, connection to unauthorized devices, or installation of unauthorized software.
  1. Remedies of Customer. Customer must present proof of purchase and the installation inspection sheet (if applicable) indicating installation date when claiming coverage or application thereof, and either ship or deliver the Product (if applicable) to an authorized location of J. MORITA MFG. CORP. or its subsidiaries or authorized dealers. Upon verification of this Warranty, inspection of the Product, and determination of coverage by this warranty, J. MORITA MFG. CORP. will, at its sole option, supply the parts are components either replaced or repaired free of charge to the Customer.  Delivery and shipping charges are the responsibility of the Customer.
  1. Limitations and Exclusions from Warranty. The remedy set forth in paragraph 3 is the sole and exclusive remedy of the customer.

J. MORITA MFG. CORP. makes no other express or implied warranties and specifically excludes all other warranties including, without limitation, any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. In no event shall J. MORITA MFG. CORP. be liable for any incidental or consequential, direct or indirect, or special damages of any kind including without limitation, damages for loss of revenue, loss of business or business opportunity, or other similar financial loss arising out of the performance, use or interrupted use of the Product. 

  1. Repairs Not Covered by Warranty. With respect to repairs not within the period of this Warranty or otherwise not covered by this Warranty, J. MORITA MFG. CORP. or its subsidiaries or authorized dealers will perform the same, timely, efficiently, and for an appropriate cost.

Warranty Period

J. MORITA MFG. CORP. warrants its products to the original purchaser against defects. The Warranty period begins from the date of invoice to the customer. The warranty period and useful life may differ between products so check the list below carefully. The useful life (based on self-certification) is contingent on the device being inspected regularly and properly maintained according to the procedures in the instructions for use.

  Warranty Useful Life
TwinPower Turbine 4H Optical series 2 years 4 years
TwinPower Turbine 4H Non-optical series 1.5 years 4 years
TwinPower Turbine 4H Basic series 1 year 4 years
TwinPower Turbine 4H Coupling 1 year 4 years


1 year

7 years
TORQTECH CA-5IF(-O), CA-5IF-O-UM, CA-DC(-O), ST-DH 2 years 7 years
Solfy F Optical Scaler 1 year 6 years
Lubrina 2 2 years 5 years
Torx TR-81-O 1 year 7 years
Torx TR-91-O, TR-91-LED 1 year 7 years
Torx TR-S2 series 1 year 7 years
Torx TR-S3 series 1 year 7 years
AirTorx TRA-200 1 year 7 years
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