Use of CBCT in endodontic diagnostics (Veraview X800) Provided by Dr. Hans-Willi Herrmann, images taken with the Veraview X800

A 40-year-old patient came to our practice because of a maxillary anterior tooth, concerning a possible tooth preservation by endodontic therapy. The tooth 21 in question had been clinically inconspicuous after an accident trauma several decades ago, and to this day it is still completely free of complaints. Endodontic therapy had not become necessary until then. Compared to a control X-ray about 5 years ago, the conventional X-ray showed a radiolucent change in the hard dental substance in the coronal third of the root, which is why the patient was referred to us by her family dentist with the suspected diagnosis "internal resorption". In a digital dental film carried out by us, the typical picture of an external resorption is shown (decentralized whitening, moth-eaten, the root canal can still be suspected in the X-ray image).

The high-resolution CBCT performed with our Morita Veraview X800 M device impressively confirms our diagnosis and shows the extent of tooth structure destruction with a still intact root canal and perfect apical conditions.

Equally impressive as a secondary finding is the representation of several side canals on both tooth 11 and tooth 21.

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